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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company lied to us multiple times to get the sale. First they told us we can write it off on our taxes, we cannot according to my accountant, he actually laughed. Second they did not tell us that breaking down our lockoff would cost $150 each time it is broken down, for us this can be $600.00 more dollars to do so. Third they did not tell us it had to be used within the year or there will be another fee to use broken down weeks the next year. Third they told us and showed us online how they help to rent the timeshares out for members. Fourth they told us that we had unconditional uses of their other resorts in the westgate family, guess what that’s a lie too without paying another $150.00. This could again total another $600.00 for us to do this. Fifth they were supposed to send our paperwork to our house and they knew we were on vacation for two weeks, which is why I am sure they were going to send it to us, because you only have ten days to cancel. We never received our paperwork anyway and had to call to get it and it still took almost two weeks from when we contacted them. Sixth they said I had to take the deal right then and there or it would not be available ever again so they do not even give you the time to ask questions or research it on your own in time to cancel. Most people are on vacation for at least a week and will not spend their vacation researching the timeshare, as people have a tendency to trust professionals, but of course if they are lying to you, how are you supposed to know if it is real. Seventh they have terrible customer service as it takes days to get a response from them for anything, from the sales rep to the administration, not just one person but everyone. After we tried to speak with them reqarding this, the lady refused to give me a manager and they told me they are sorry but there is nothing they can do and that it is our responsibility to know. I don’t understand how the government can protect a huge, wealthy company that is supposed to be professional and trusted to tell the truth to intentionally practice behavior regularly that deceives the average person, who is a laymen and does not know the laws, and not help us when the truth comes out. I feel that these people should be put in jail for this fraudulent behavior. I am a plumber and if I give the wrong information or do something wrong against a customer’s best interest I can be sued, which is why insurance is mandatory, but timeshare companies cannot be sued successfully. I guess I should just tell my customers that everything I sell has a lifetime warranty and then when they go to validate the warranty, I tell them that thereis no warranty and they should have known better. Thousands of people go to jail every year for doing much, much less criminal activity and they can make millions of dollars on this and not even have to go to court or much less be fined. The legal system is supposed to protect not destroy people’s lives by protecting illegal activity. This activity is so blatant and regularly practiced that I am amazed that nothing has ever been done about it. Buyer beware is bull if they do not tell you, a laymen, what the actual deal is you are getting. How am I supposed to know what to ask if they lied to me and left out vital information that would have allowed me to decide for real instead of based on lies. They should be fined hugely and some people should go to jail as this practice destoys people’s financial futures and lives.

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