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Published: 27 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I want to add my voice to the dissatisfied Westgate owner. Let me tell you my story. I brought into Westgate Town Center after one of those 3 day promotional offers. Originally, I brought into the 3 bed room lockoff every other year (or something to that effect). The unit was actually very nice and spacious. That particular unit we enjoyed. The next year, we returned, things went down hill ever since. Never did I exspect to incur more debt than I already needed to. I met with them for a scheduled owner’s breakfast to supposably to discuss any maintenance issues which was actually a front for the high powered, high pressure, fast talking sales pitch to which they eventually had to breakout the HEAVY HITTER SALES REP being that I was a hard sell. They wanted me to upgrade to a two bedroom every year at the town center but in a building that hadn’t been constructed yet, but led to believe it would be in the 5000 series units where we were already. And during this high powered, high pressure, fast talking Sales Pitch, these Jive time sales reps made claims that these units in the yet to be constructed building at the Town Center were supposed to be nicer than the unit I originally purchased. To retell how this whole fiasco went down pains me. But I was so disgusted, the next year I stayed away from Westgate and did the Marriot. So fast foward to the future, its been two years since our last stay at Slickgate. When we (My wife and I) came down that year….. to our surpise they put us in the newly constructed 4000 series at the Town Center. WEll…..to our shock and dismay these units are no way as nice as they were hyped up to be. They did the OL- switch-a-roo on us!! These units are not as spacious as the units in the 5000 series. The closet spaces in each bedroom are a joke. They are actually free standing units that look like they came straight from Target. No wardrobe mirrors to be found no where throughout the unit. ONE(1)….ONE BATHROOM!! They eventually moved us to a unit with two bathrooms only because I had to lean on them a little but everything else remained the same. The location of the balcony is inferior to 5000 series units. But the biggist disappointment by far was that the second bed room had BUNKBEDS!!!!! I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR BUNKBEDS!!!! Nobody at these sales pitches said anything about bunkbeds. What am I to do with bunk beds??? My son is grown, and on his own. I’m hard pressed to have any adult guests there. As far as I’m concerned, except for the amenities, the whole layout of these units are crap!!! The previous units we originally brought into are far superior. Westgate has yet to make things right. When I was there in 2014, I reluctantly went to one of jive sales pitch meetings only to bring up the issue and to see what they were going to do, but……slick is as slick does. They want me to invest more money….AGAIN… to upgrade to a simular unit we originally brought into, something I absolutely refuse to do. So now….I too, am stuck with a time share unit I don’t particuarly care for, but at this point I have to make the best of a bad situation. So if you know like I know….. if you’re open to buy into a time share and you happen to be driving on 194 east or west in kissimmee FL and you see a sign that says SLICK…oops… I mean…Westgate Resorts…..KEEP ON DRIVING!!

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