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Published: 28 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Wow, Im so amazed at the way I was treated by the staff of Westshore Pizza on Lambright Ave. On Saturday 7/26/2014 I order a Pizza for takeout at 5:57PM. I picked up my Pizza, and drove it back home. My two toddlers were at home waiting on me with a lot of excitment. I come in the door and all I hear was Daddy yay Pizza. I said, yup Pizza it hear. I send my kids to get the table ready, and with pure enjoyment they do it, with no questions asked. I open the box and see my crust extra brown and crispy not really good but who cared it was pizza. I served the Pizza, we prayed and the first thing I see, one of my little one make a strange face. I can tell that she brushed it on and kept on cause it was pizza. I was curious so I take a big bite and I was like, wow give me some soda quick. This is super awful, I felt like I just swallowed a spoon of salt with he taste of pizza. Seriously, it was that salty. I have been going to the same place to order pizza for years , and never had a problem before. I decided to call Westshore pizza and inform them about the pizza, cause it was a little over board on the taste and crust. I was placed on hold for the longest, so I called back and spoke to a young adult female taking orders. I explain to her the situation, and ask her if they put any special seasoning to the pizza to give it flavor. She said no. So I explain to her again that I was a long time customer and that I had just purchased a pizza for takeout. and got back home to a pizza that was extremly salty. This pizza was not eatable. The female did not budge in and immediatly said that it must be the pepperoni, but we don’t put any salt or seasoning to the pizza. So I asked her what can be done, and she said nothing. We will not make it again. I was WOW, really? Can I speak to a manager please. She said, Theirs no manager here, and the owners are not here, and if I call them they not going to remake the pizza neither. I was like WOW, so I’m stuck with this pizza then? she said yes. I asked her, then how do ya keep your customers happy? She didn’t care to really entertain that question. So I said to her well, I can see what type of business I’m dealing with, you won’t see me again bye, and she was like bye, we don’t care. After I got of the phone I was felt so cheated, I have spent so much money in this business, and I get this sort of treatment in return. These people don’t care about losing customers. They feel like their untouchable, if they lose a customer they will gain 3 in return. How can this go on, I been cheated and totally disrespected. I really work hard for my money, and my daughters and I were looking foward to this pizza night since the beginging of the week. This was bad, and I feel bad for my kids, cause they were excited and I can see them not enjoying the moment forcing in this extremely salty pizza in their tommies. Hopefully someone will read this and take this into consideration before you order a pizza in Westshore pizza Lambright location. Remember, once you buy it, you own it, no matter what. My friend reccommended me to a good NY style pizza place in westshore mall that was founded in Brooklyn NY, I won’t say any names cause I’m not in the promotion business. I think I will try them for now on.

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