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They didn’t inform me that my mother had fallen sick.

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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Lea

They kept this a secret to make sure that I don’t take her to someplace else. I used to give a call to check on my mother on every two or three days. I liked staying in touch with her. She had a broken ankle so moving around was rather cumbersome for her at that time. Now she’s fine and she’s living with me. But when she was there, her experience was terrible. She tells me that the only chair in her room was broken. The food she used to get was cold most of the time and one day, she fell sick. She said she was getting diarrhea and it was a really painful experience for her because of the broken ankle and the constant visits to the washroom.

She used to request those people to call me and inform me about my health. She wanted me there when she had fallen sick. But these people are so cold and greedy that they didn’t do anything. They didn’t tell me about my mom’s ill health. They were afraid that I might take her out of this place and get her admitted into a hospital. These people have no sense of humanity. They don’t care about their patients. My mother was sick and they didn’t tell me. When I called there, they told me that my mother was fine. They didn’t let me talk to her for a few days. They’d make excuses and say ‘she’s sleeping’ or ‘she’s eating right now’. I couldn’t have thought that my mother was actually sick and wanted to talk to me. Also, they had told my mother that she shouldn’t tell me about her condition. They had warned her and told her it’d be wrong for me to find out about this and it will make it difficult for me to work far from her. So, she complied and didn’t tell me that she was really sick and feeling weak. Those guys had added a few extra charges in my bills at that time in the name of ‘additional expenses’. Now I’m certain they were charging me for treating my mom. A few days after that incident, my mom left that place. I found out about this horrible incident from her. They didn’t bother to tell me about that even at that time.

My mom was surprised to see that I didn’t know about it. She thought those people must’ve informed me and I was deliberately acting as if nothing had happened. I’m never taking any relative there in any case. It’s such a horrible and mischievous act that it’s enough to make me understand their levels of greed and selfishness. They aren’t trustworthy. I’d suggest finding a better rehab center. This place is a hellhole and it’s certainly not worth the risk. I was appalled to find out that my mom who couldn’t walk properly was sick under their supervision and they didn’t even tell me about it. I know no one would like it if it happened to them.

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