Weybridge And Walton Physiotherapy

I visited them and I found out how terrible they are!

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Published: 23 June 2019

Posted by: Bernard

Weybridge and Walton Physiotherapy is a sham. It’s better to stay away from these people. They are all about making profits. They don’t want you to get better. And even if you do, they don’t think you’ve gotten better. According to them, they’re the best and no other clinic can match their expertise. The staff there is full of jerks and incompetent people. And they’re so greedy that they’ll do anything to get money out of you. Look, it’s okay for an organization to seek profit but you don’t do that by overlooking the well being of your patients, right? That’s just wrong. I had gone to these people to get rid of my neck ache. I do a desk job and It begins to hurt a lot at the end of the day. My job is quite stressful too so everyone suggested me to get treatment from certified physiotherapists. I looked up online for physiotherapists in my area and I came across these guys. These guys seemed like great choices by the looks of their website and their reviews. So I thought of giving them a try. The first few visits were okay. And I was seeing some improvement in my pain as well. The problem arose when I told them that I had begun to feel okay so I didn’t think I should see them anymore. They didn’t take it seriously and when they did, they told me that it’ll be very harmful to my back. According to them, it was best for me if I kept visiting them for a few more weeks. I didn’t see any meaning in that. I thought it was useless but they told me that it was necessary for my body. Then they started telling me some technical stuff I didn’t understand but it convinced me. I kept visiting their clinics for some weeks. There wasn’t anything useful in them anymore. So I told them that I’d visit them when I’d feel like it and I stopped going there.

These guys started giving me a call on every 3-4 days. They’d call me with some offer and tell me that it’d be really good for my back and neck to come back. I told them that I didn’t feel anything wrong. But the way those guys kept calling me that I blacklisted them and marked them as ‘Spam’. They might be doing a good job but it’s not good for me. They are stubborn and idiotic people who are too much focused on making money. They should think about their patients too. They made me visit that place for no reason for weeks. They wasted my time, energy and money. They don’t care about the patients, that’s sure. What they do care about is marketing and making money. I can’t tell you how many times they told me to get them more patients. All in all, it’s not the right place for anyone.

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