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Published: 24 June 2018

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In the interests of fair and honest disclosure, I will say up froone known that I am a current WGU student. Up until now I have been nothing but pleased with WGU. I am enrolled in the BAIS program to obtain my degree in elementary education. I am very close to finishing the program. I have completed all of my general courses, my PCE (observations) work, and am only two weeks away from completing my demonstration (student) teaching. So this was not a great time to learn that I have two journal entries that had to be submitted immediately in order for me to pass my cohort. When a student is enrolled in the teaching program there is a cohort and this involves a weekly call as well as journal entries. The journal entries are brief and simple. They are not the issue. The issue is that I did not know there was a deadline (aside from the obvious end of my term date, or end of my student teaching). The entries themselves probably only took 15 minutes total between the two of them. Due to weather, our local internet service was out yesterday, when the first message came. Today it was repaired and functioning. So I received the message that I needed to complete these two journal entries so that I could pass the cohort because all of the passes were to be submitted by today. I submitted them as quickly as was possible. However, because it is Friday (Saturday now) I can not reach anyone. My mentor is wonderful and I have nothing but high praise for her. However, I can’t talk to her about the situation. Nor can I get in touch with my cohort facilitator, anyone at the college in the Field Experiences office, or my placement specialist. So because the deadline is now past I am left to wonder all weekend whether I will actually fail the cohort because of these two 1-2 page journal entries which I had no idea were so urgent. I will update this page with the outcome of this whole fiasco, and if it is favorable take it down so others are not discouraged. I simply wanted to let everyone know of the current experience that I am having. .

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