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Published: 08 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a victum of this guys scam. Like hundreds of other businesses being damaged by lies he promotes and he takes brobes, evidence bellow. Simon wright is a self professed web tycoon. He has scammed dozens of people. The Internet is littered with his dirty work. He runs the scam forum whirlpool.net.au i just found this Below. He deliberaty cheats companies. Don’t be fooled. Don’t ebelieve a word that is written on this forum. He has moderators that are biased towards his adivert inserts and his moderators pro,ot or allow negative untrue posts to stay live. Yet he allows good positive comments to his friends seo companies. nswpolicecrime.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=102 Latest news on this scam artist here. sydney. craigslist.com.au/vnn/4529302559.html now the Australian governemtn is cracking down on him as well as the police. apcmag.com/whirlpool-threatened-by-govt-over-blacklist.htm his Facebook is here. facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005922827980 he is also having an affair with a colleagues wife. Google this. simon wright whirlpool affair and you get this.. But simon has hacked this too. tradeleaks.com/leak/572/ More scam on other people. tradeleaks.com/leak/572/Simon Wright the founder and owner/manager of the popular online technology forum whirlpool.net.au is under investigation as allegations of taking bribes to promote friends and business colleagues with SEO (Search engine optimization) technology companies and to promote negative reviews on their competitors. The self named “internet tycoon” au.linkedin.com/in/sjwright gives a hint to his real intentions and practices while at the same time claiming his whirlpool.net.au venture to be both unbiased and a non profit organization. It “employs’ many volunteers under the same basis of being a non profit venture. These volunteered “employees” do not receive upfront payment for their work whilst it is alleged Simon Wright is pocketing a tycoon size income from bribes and kick backs for the artificial promotion of his friends with SEO technology and marketing companies. The forum, whirlpool.net.au was originally created to give reviews and information on Australian broadband but has expanded into web development and online marketing along with many other topics as Simon Wright saw an opening to exploit hard working Australian businesses while taking bribes from his friends in similar industries. A recent email has been uncovered where Simon Wright has clearly offered to create a new topic for his email buddy and claimed that he has the power to keep all the feedback relatively positive, while at the same time discrediting his friend’s SEO competitors with negative commentary deliberately designed to steer present and future customers away from dealing with them so as to attract business for his friends. “If we give everyone else bad reviews the customers have only one place left to go” // Proof of taking advertising money for SEO and displaying advertising on a thread with negative reviews of competing SEO company can be found here. // i61.tinypic.com/24qtpqc.jpg As the police further investigate the allegations of fraud the corporate watchdog the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) are also investigating Simon Wright for tax evasion and for not paying his employees the award and superannuation contributions under Australia law hiding under the no profit banner while secretly taking income through un declared bribes and other revenues. Other Simon Wright / Whirlpool information. NSW CRIME .nswpolicecrime.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=102 GOVERNMENT BLACKLIST WHIRLPOOL apcmag.com/whirlpool-threatened-by-govt-over-blacklist.htm SIMON WRIGHT LOCAL TERROR localterror.com/category/whirlpool-forums-marketing-scams/ facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005922827980

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