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Published: 24 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Whitening Lightning recently introduced a new lipstick called 1995 created by the makeup guru Jaclyn Hill. I ordered a lipstick from their mobile app to try it out but that’s when things started to go wrong. After ordering the lipstick, I received a confirmation email saying that my payment was confirmed with my name, shipping address, and the username I created to register with the site. The first sign that things started going wrong was when I tried to log on to the account I created during checkout to check shipping information. The Whitening Lightning website did not recognize my username. But I did not think much of it so I just went about my business. After a few days of getting no emails about my lipstick being shipped, I called the customer service number that was listed on their website and that was when I found out that number was not in service. That was the second sign and when I knew that things were going wrong. So then I emailed their customer service and got a reply that first of all, my email address was associated to another woman in their files. But yet my email contains my first and last name and the woman who was in their files with my email address had a name that was no where close to my email. The next thing they said was that the package was on it’s way and they gave me a tracking number. After looking up the tracking number, THEY SENT MY PACKAGE TO THE WRONG ADDRESS AND WRONG STATE. The lipstick was sent to Arizona but I live in NY. Apparently, the address they had on file was the one of the mysterious lady who’s account was under my email. So pretty much I paid for a lipstick that was sent to someone else for free. How does this even happen? Also, the email responses come from Whitening Lightning only every other day as if this wasn’t an urgent matter. I’ve asked for my money back repeatedly but I’m afraid that if they do refund my money it will go to the other woman’s credit card and then I will really get mad. I keep attaching the emails as proof that they sent me confirmation of my name, email address, physical address, and username after I purchased the lipstick. So how can another person’s information get mixed up with mine when we literally have not a single thing in common in regards to our information?! once I get my money back, if I ever do, I never want to associate myself with this company ever again! .

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