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Made in the U.S.A?

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Published: 02 August 2019

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Made in the U.S.A?

It might seem a bit weird to the readers over what the company under discussion in the article is being accused of. Yet before we start discussing what it is and has been there is a certain requirement of educating the people over how this legally has an impact over the company assets and operation. This article shall be discussing the culpability of the company and will also legally educate the people of how it has a contractual significance when it comes to discussing the corporate grounds. Let us start with a very simple example exclaiming the property and its ownership. There is a student, A, that has asked a person to work from another college or a university to write his final year thesis for him. The required struggles have been done by the very person hired for the job, with proper payment for getting this job done. Regardless of that, with the work done, the thesis shall include the name of Student A on the front page. This if legally pursued and inquired turns out to be a copyright act. It is constitutionally awry to let someone write your researches for you. Hence, if discovered, student A shall be held accountable for this act, which might lead to the cancellation of his degree. This minute example, if transformed into a bigger perspective, gives us the Whiteside Machine Company. Thus, it is necessary for proving this as an offense to the law of the country which this article shall be exclaiming.  



To discuss the legal grounds of the Whiteside Machine Company, we need to have complete knowledge of the federal departments related to them. The FTC or the Federal Trade Commission is responsible for evaluating and then preventing deception and unfairness within the market. It has the autonomy to bring law enforcements against the companies neglecting the FTC Acts. The FTC has the basic purpose of analyzing whether the commodity or the product is genuinely the U.S. made. There are certain ways under which it takes its jurisdiction and incorporates the work. This helps them conclude the origin of a certain product and then file a report against or for the company. 

 We’ll state the basic rules and regulations of exclaiming the origination of the country. It is necessary for the product to be disclosed with the U.S. contents as said by the FTC. There are certain standards for a product to be called as made in the U.S.A, or claimed to be of domestic origin; with the fulfillment of the product to be “all or virtually all” made in the United States according to the Enforcement Policy Statement, including all the territories, states, and U.S. possessions.  

 The term “all or virtually all” has an elaborative description. All the significant and important parts and processes that result in the very product under consideration should be regarded as the U.S. made. This statement shows us the product to contain none or negligible foreign content; which then can be regarded as the U.S. made. Marketers and manufacturers aren’t bound to take any consensual approval from the department; hence it stands on them to provide the complete shreds of evidence which are competent and reliable to back up their claim of the product being “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. This isn’t all of the factors that are used to analyze the origin of the product; yet they after this consider more factors which consist of the total manufacturing cost of the product which can be accredited U.S. parts and processing, with the aim of segregating the foreign content present within the finished product. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 04.48.45.png


FTC’s closing letter to the Whiteside Machines Company

The inquiry sat on the website around last year in August when their website content was analyzed by the FTC. It was generically intending to consider the claims made by the company in a considerate amount referring to their ‘nationality’. FTC with their basic checks and factor evaluations gave a try to the analysis of the products of the company. The case was opened and then closed after evaluation. It was then the FTC issued a letter to the company exclaiming the results that have been taken after the evaluations. It issued that, “although Whiteside performs some manufacturing functions in the United States, many of its products contain significant imported components.” These might seem to be some bureaucratic terminologies but this can be explained.The letter that was issued and what contained the lines that have been stated above seems to convince the readers of the fact that the company has been deceiving their clients with false claims. As discussed in the upper portion of the writing, over what factors the judgment is made; this letter seconded every statement by exclaiming the high percentage of the foreign components within the products. This unconditionally explains that to have your claim considered a ‘claim’, it is necessary to keep yourselves bounded to the very factors that FTC regards as the ‘standards’ to be counted as made in the United States. Everything else is just rejected in totality. These standards and judging factors aren’t confined to a very minuscule area for the companies, but there is certain flexibility that is needed to keep the records on point for a certain company. These points shall be discussed in amplification later, which shall show how the Whiteside Machine Company has been standing deceptive for its customers by not showing the complete picture. These accusations should be provided with a more illustrated coverage. 


Discussing Whiteside’s case as a ‘deception’ to the customers

 The discussion will be pretty straightforward with a clear statute and discussion of how the company has been claiming their products to be and how they have been covering their deception with a serene amenity. To prove that the company had been making claims of manufacturing their router bits within the United States; there was a need to analyze and then have a proper and substantiated proof over confirming their claims. 

 To get an affidavit and a certification of the origination of the product from the United States; the company’s web page was screenshotted every day. With the help of certain software, a total of 28,000 screenshots were taken of their homepage with the demonstration of “Router Bits made in the U.S.A”. These screenshots were collected as evidence showing that this company since the early 21st Century has been making the claim of its product ancestry from the United States. The figure below shows a very recent screenshot right before the company changed their deceptive intentions and before voices were evoked against them.  


Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 04.49.01.png


With the letter and substantial evidence against them, Whiteside thought it best to get undercover over the matter and let it get cooled down. The FTC Department, after proving was in its version of getting into opposition with the company but things never went to the worsening side of the picture for Whiteside Machines. 


Discussing the Moral and Ethical grounds of the Deceit

 It should be kept in mind that with the initiation of a corporation, we enter the customer care and support in entirety. It is considered the very basic rule of the moral grounds in the businesses that every step being in the circle should be customer friendly. Deceit is the most unethical act being a businessman as this promotes corruption and forgery which can lead to fatal results. This explains how a corporation should run to make sure that every customer using their services is satisfied with the customer support the company has to offer. At this point when we are discussing the deceptive grounds of Whiteside Machines; we first need to see how it counts as an act of hypocrisy and mendacity with promoting their products as an American based and manufactured product. With proper evidence, shown in the above pictures of how badly the company claimed its manufacturing origination. To prove the hypocrisy landing right within these claims and acts, we need to see that some of the customers prefer to buy U.S.A made products as they are adaptable to the current environment of the country along with the aligning language in the instruction manuals. It seems to be a very minute reason for rejecting a certain product but the world is a curious place (laughs). Regardless of this fact, these requirements are still what a customer demands and every consumer demand is the priority for a company who maneuver their services accordingly. Henceforth, the company (Whiteside Machines Company) that continually exclaimed the U.S. origin of the product yet failed to hide its foreign involvements has been deliberately and intuitively being hypocritical with their unguided claims. Even with the company changing their claims, as shown below, it is the right of the citizens of the United States to question them and hold them accountable to the law as they have done forgery, either on a smaller scale, which still counts as forgery and hypocrisy. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 04.49.17.png


If we discuss the legal pursues over hypocrisy and forgery, it then comes to as severe as getting your property captured forcedly by the government along with protracted jail time under the name of deceiving people and consumers who have paid for the products. The company would’ve been fined under the same accusations; which technically aren’t accusations but are a mere and proved act done by the certain company. 


The Government has always been flexible

 It has been the stance of the government to be very clear about the origin of the product and then hence use the correct version of words that shan’t keep the people under any dark. The government praises the products that are made in the U.S. but encourages the company having a product with a range of origination to, I repeat, clearly state the main origin of the product’s specific processes or parts. That shall then allow the government to make certain decisions over how to allow the company to state its products’ genesis.  

The government doesn’t remain quiet over the issue of foreign origin. It states the company to satisfy the Customs’ statute and regulations over importing a certain product into the homeland. It is precedential to state the origin of the foreign country on the product, according to the Customs Department. 


After bisecting the whole situation involving the source production site of any product and what legal grounds it adhere to in terms of its conception; we have come onto a conclusion that this is counted amongst the U.S Law of Forgery, 18 U.S. Code Chapter 25 – COUNTERFEITING AND FORGERY. This means that a company accused and proved of this act shall face the same fate as everyone under this law. This article over the discussion of the moral and ethical grounds of such acts have demonstrated how these acts to be deceiving for the customers and how bluntly the company has tried to put this all over them. Regardless of the fact, this seems to be a bit lame for certain readers, this is an act of deceit; not only with the people but with the law and the federal government too, which should be undoubtedly set accountable for under transparency.

 It shouldn’t be the moral approach of the companies to be astucious over their origination. This is something over which they need to be educated to be very congenial and open over their display to the people. As discussed above over how fatal this can prove for a company, no matter how much it seems to be minuscule in size; every person who is into the business side needs to be careful while deciding over such things. Whiteside Machines shouldn’t be allowed to leave the site in this muffled way; they should be legally challenged for their guilt they’ve tried to cover up in the whole picture. 







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