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Published: 05 September 2018

Posted by: Jennifer Kovatch

I contacted Kelli Hardy to purchase one of her listed F4 kittens on 3/16/19. She provided me with descriptions and cost of 5 kittens (4 were available), and I chose a kitten named “F4 Boy #2.” Kelli informed me that the kitten would be ready to “go home” around the beginning of May 2019, “give or take a week.” She informed me that she accepted bank wire transfers or direct deposit by check to her Wells Fargo account. She informed me that I could either place a 50% deposit or make payment in full. With payment in full, she stated she would include free shipping of the kitten. On March 18, 2019, we both signed a contract for $2900 for the aforementioned kitten, and I sent $2900 in two separate wire transfers to Kelli’s listed account. She confirmed receipt of the funds on 3/19 . I contacted Kelli on 4/8 requesting an update photo of the kitten. on 4/9, Kelli stated she was “super busy” that week and would try to get a new picture by that weekend. I contacted Kelli on 4/22 again asking for an updated picture and checking if he was ok, as I had not heard from Kelli regarding the photo. On 4/22, Kelli stated she was “tied up” with several things and had been “out of town for a family emergency.” She stated she would try to get photos of the kitten by the next day. I contacted Kelli on 4/29 about flight arrangements as I had not heard back from Kelli nor received any photo. I contacted Kelli on 5/7 to confirm that Kelli herself was ok and to confirm flight dates (in accordance to her prior email/contract). I contacted Kelli again on 5/15 to check the status of the kitten and flight information as I had not heard back from the previous emails. I emailed Kelli again on 5/20 to review the details of our contract, mentioned ignored emails, unanswered/unreturned phone calls to Kelli, and to clarify that the kitten would be reaching max age stated in the contract shortly after. Kelli emailed me on 5/23 apologizing for “delayed response, ” and stated she was “out of town handling a family emergency” again, but stated everything was fine with the kitten and she would be in touch later in the week with an update. I emailed Kelli on 6/1 after no response, asking for an update on the travel arrangements of my kitten. Kelli responded on 6/3 stating she would be in touch on 6/4 with an update. On 6/4, Kelli stated the kitten was fine, and that she was arranging a veterinary visit for the kitten and would have a shipping date by 6/13. I did not hear back from Kelli, and emailed her on 6/9 to check on the travel arrangements for the kitten. On 6/13, Kelli emailed me stating she had a veterinary visit scheduled on 6/17 (“the earliest appointment that (she) could schedule”), and that she would be in touch on 6/18 with flight arrangement information. I emailed Kelli on 6/18 to confirm flight arrangements. Kelli sent me a comprehensive email on 6/18 with information about vaccination/neutering, and a flight itinerary plan for 6/27 with Delta airlines to my local airport; she requested a confirmation email from me to ensure I would be able to pick up the animal at the time she chose. I emailed her on 6/18 to confirm the arrangements and requested the kitten’s vaccination records so that I could have him neutered at the age requested. I attempted to call Kelli on 6/20 and my call went straight to voicemail. I emailed her on 6/20 stating that I would be able to pick up the kitten in person the following weekend, if Kelli was able to get a refund on the cargo flight. Kelli emailed me on 6/26 stating that she had to cancel the kitten’s flight because of heat conditions, and she would update me on 6/21 with new flight information. I emailed Kelli on 6/27 stating I would be near Kelli’s location (alabama) that weekend and that I could pick up the animal in person. Kelli emailed me on 6/27 stating that she had not received my email and that she would not allow the kitten to be driven by car, and would only allow me to fly with the kitten on an actual airplane. She also stated that she had already “left to go out of town early this morning considering I was unable to send babies home.” I sent a follow up email on 6/27 stating that I was concerned with the high heat conditions not allowing any other flights for the kitten, and asking Kelli what her alternate plan would be to ship this kitten since she would not allow the kitten to be personally driven in an air conditioned vehicle. I also spoke with a representative from Delta Cargo to confirm permissible flight conditions, which would be all travel destinations

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