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Published: 24 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I visited Wild Water and Wheels in Surfside just a few days ago to see if my 4 year old son would like to have his birthday there. After a day of just being in the sun and being ready to go home. I stopped to get ice cream cones before we left. While standing in line to get an ice cream cone, a dangerous huge metal sign flew off the food stand and smacked my 4 year old son into the building. It ended up chunking an area of skin off his arm and he had to spend the rest of the day in the hospital. This is defiantly going to be a scar that he has for the rest of his life. I have not heard any calls from the manager whom I spoke with to check up on my son nor to see if he was okay. While at the hospital, on a day that was suppose to be just for fun. He had X-rays, brain scans , as well as other tests taken to make sure that he did not have brain swelling or internal bleeding as well as broken bones or dislocated shoulder blades. I find that in this situation an incident report did need to be completed but was not offered or even mentioned by the manager. No one has reached out to me to see if my child is okay . & also I have heard that a councilmen of Myrtle beach whom was actually a deputy sheriff in Myrtle Beach owns Wild Water and Wheels. Therefore, I would like to be informed why this man whom has served our country and was a police officer to keep the streets safe has not reached out to me for the sake of my child whom was not safe inside his amusement. It is clear that this metal sign has been a issue as there was about 3-4 nails in each corner of the sign some of which are rusted ; this informs me that this is a continuous issue. I would also like to point out that I had to ask for a refund instead of a rain pass. In order for the manager to give me a refund, I had him agree that this metal sign could have sliced through my sons stomach or neck if it would have hit him correctly & the manager did agree. I do not suggest that anyone visit this water park as they have not taken care of their customer nor seeked any type of satisfaction towards me and my toddler. I am very disappointed. It really hurts a parent when a situation like this happens. I ensured my son that the water park would be fun and that he would have a blast. When he got home from the hospital, he looked at me and said ” Mommy why did you take me to the water park? You said it would be fun? Why did that sign hit me mommy? It hurts really really bad.” All I could do is hug my child while years came from my eyes as THE OWNER / MANAGER did not do the correct precautions to make sure that this innocent child would not be hurt: this is why there is people that have TRUST ISSUES. .

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