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Published: 05 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Wildhorse energy , Joel ponce of midland texas, this guy is a con man and a lier , I worked there on a salary , I did my job and in my first check he screwed me out of our agreement , on top off all that the people he hires are nothing more than con men and degenerate them self , Joel utilizes these guys knowing that they can’t pass a drug test of hire on at any respectable company , if I where a customer I sure the hell wouldn’t let these guys on my location knowing that they couldn’t pass a drug test to save there life’s … So customer beware check his Csa score, and check with the labor board of texas before you use this guy , also employees make damn sure before you get into one of those death traps of a so called trucks he has, dot if VERRY aware they are informed on his operator and it will only be a matter of time before he loses it all …. Also this guy won’t pay if you quit , but it’s all good he will pay for that …. Like I said look him up on better business , and labor board before you make the BIG mistake I did ……. WILDHORSE ENERGY ….Joke!!! .

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