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Published: 05 June 2018

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I first met Will Lacy in May of 2013 when he had come to New York with the music artist he was managing/investing at the time. They were in town to interview with several publicists and I was only going to be handling the website development for the artist, which the artist had paid for himself. After that initial meeting and trip, the artist and Mr. Lacy returned to New York a year later to record at a studio in Midtown West. During this second meeting, Mr. Lacy had pulled me aside to say that he was on bad terms with the artist and that he was looking to have someone buy him out of his investment. That his next endeavor would be to move forward with the artist that had been writing beats for them for the past year and a half. During this second meeting, Mr. Lacy and I had exchanged phone numbers and emails. When he returned back to Arkansas, he then proceeded to inform me that he was no longer working with the first artist due to a massive falling out and that he wanted me to handle all of the Public Relations for the new client. I explained that first I would have to hear more of his material and the next time they were in New York, I would try to arrange for them to meet with a producer I thought would be a good fit for them. Just weeks later, with less than 24 hours notice, Will Lacy informed me that he and this new artist were flying to New York the next day to record. After rearranging my schedule for the upcoming 48 hours I was able to introduce him to the appropriate producer that I thought was the best match for this new artist to collaborate with. Over the course of those two days in the recording studio, I proceeded to explain the process of what needed to be done with his new artist, similarly to what I had explained to him a year prior. A website would need to be built, a logo, an EPK, a bio, photo shoot, press release with a distribution company such as Marketwire or PR Newswire, ARA Voting Membership or Student Membership Application requirements including press mentions and social media reports which can all be found on https://www.grammypro.com/join That once those requirements for his artist were met, then I could move forward with a PR campaign but that in the meantime, these services would be itemized on a case by case basis. Mr Lacy purchased a logo for the artist online, the photo shoot had never been scheduled, nor executed, after numerous requests for the bullet points for the bio (for use in the EPK and the website) were never responded to, an order had been discussed, placed by Will Lacy, and invoiced in June 2014. Mr Lacy and his artist flew back to New York in early July to record with the producer that I had introduced him to. At that time on June 28, 2014, the final package for ONLY the requirements for the ARA application submission had been finalized. At this point, I had already purchased two domains at Mr Lacy’s request in June for his artist, the hosting for the website, and website development, which I had given him admin access to. He then proceeded to give me a $350 cash payment to be applied towards his invoice saying that he had to transfer money into his account on Monday and would pay the balance on his credit card that upcoming Monday morning. It is now August, and despite numerous attempts to collect the balance of his invoice of $1211 (after the $350 payment was applied from June 28th), I unassigned the artists website due to his failure to pay. After then receiving threatening and slanderous texts from Mr Lacy’s girlfriend, Amanda Lewis (I had to block both of their cell phone numbers for harassment), I sent Mr Lacy to collection as he is more than 30 days past due and now has interest and fees on top of the balance due. I am the second instance of this man who claims to be a music manager and investor for artists. Again, I had never represented Mr Lacy’s artist nor him for Public Relations. I never charged him for my time. The invoice that HE approved on June 28, 2014 in person in New York, is for tangible goods and intellectual property. I had not known that he had done this same thing with the first artist I had met him through in 2013. And I had not known until days ago that he had in fact pulled a similar situation with the producer in New York. I want to warn anyone that is approached by Mr Lacy, whether they are an artist (his success rate with both artists has been zero), or a Publicist/PR Agency, Recording Studio, Label, Management Company, be aware that this man will continuously place orders and walk away. I am only grateful that I didn’t go into a contract with him to represent his artist, despite the fact that I charge retainers, I sincerely doubt that Mr Lacy would have ever paid the second month since he could not even afford to pay for a website, domains or hosting. .

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