William Arthur Kirsch MD

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One of my worst experiences ever!

It can be very stressful when you do not have the right doctor attending you and once our family physician passed away, we had a tough time getting a doctor who was as gentle and caring. He had been associated with my father and also knew my grandfather and so it was a personal loss to us when he passed away. However, we soon started looking for another doctor and someone had suggested going to William A Kirsch. I looked him up and saw that his was a family practice as well and thought he might be the one we were looking for. However, we had the worst experience ever after visiting him. My father in law had a mild fever and we took him to the doctor, and what we assumed would be sorted in a couple of days, dragged on for weeks. The doctor in question prescribed one medicine after another based on assumptions at first and when they did not work, asked him to conduct some tests- tests that should have been conducted much earlier- and then prescribed another round of medicines entirely. Aging men are very sensitive about health issues and medicines and he soon started showing reluctance while taking them. Instead of being patient and gentle, the doctor was very curt with him and even tried to brush off the appointment mid way. By this time, he had been on an entire course of medicine and changing to another doctor would mean conducting the same tests all over again from the respective clinic and also another round of new medications from the old man, so we decided to stick with the doctor a little longer. The fever gradually started to subside but the treatment came very late and we are not sure the doctor knew what he was doing.

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