William Bebout

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Dr. William Bebout charged with possession of firearms and marijuana

Dr. William Bebout is now out on bond. The Morganfield doctor is guilty growing marijuana plants, in addition to over 20 guns at his residence.

It all started when the Union County sheriff’s deputies got a call about stolen signs. When they went to investigate, they found street signs missing from Highway 666. Working their way up from a tip that said a mother and juvenile were involved in the issue, they searched a home on Highway 130. There they found marijuana (in the juvenile’s room), the missing signs and meth in the master bedroom, according to Det. Shawn Elder.

Daymond Duncan and Heather Bebout were charged with endangering a minor’s life, drug possession and trafficking. Bebout also stole money (less than $500).

When the authorities went to Main Street in Morganfield to meet William Bebout, it was only part of the investigation. They were there to help social services determine if Dr. Bebout’s house was appropriate for the minor to stay in. That’s when they saw the marijuana. When searched more thoroughly, more than 20 guns were found inside by the Morganfield Police. Bebout has been charged with firearm enhancement and both possession and cultivation of marijuana.

The doctor used to work at Deaconess Clinic. Officials from the clinic say that the clinic will continue to remain functional.

Meanwhile, authorities are looking into the matter and it is expected that more people will be charged with regard to this case.

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