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Published: 12 September 2018

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William Steven Abbott or Bill Abbott was the owner of CCLA, the Central Coast Language Academy in San Luis Obispo, CA. I was a former student there and let me tell you this guy is a thief. He was known for taking foreign students money and placing them with local families then never paying the family. He used a students credit card number to pay the businesses utility bill. He was married 3 times, has a few kids in SLO. [continued below]……… He claimed he got an Egyptian student pregnant while I was there. He would collect money from his students to take them on a weekend trip to San Franciso, then they would end up sleeping in the van so he could keep the money. He now lives in rural Maui and I am sure is being supported by his new partner, Reesa. She will find out the hard way. He had/has a gambling addiction and has lost large sums of money at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez. He owes many people money in SLO. From host families, former teachers, employees, landlords, banks and vendors. Most of them wont fight as Bill always says, “good luck collecting” or ” get in line.” He owes child support to his two ex-wives, so he tries to keep everything under the table. If People told me when he ran CCLA he would basically sell Visas to foreign students so they could stay in the USA. They would not even live in SLO, let alone attend his school. There was a rumor the FBI had him on a watch list. I interviewed many people and I hope many of them will come forward and add details to this list. I know some of the agency’s in France, where I live sent him a lot of money on behalf of their students only to be cheated out of it. HIs next scam is probably based in Hawaii and having somethign to do with Chineese students. I am sure his new partner Reesa has no idea of his past. .

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