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Published: 15 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My family and I rented a RV from Williams Coach and decided to pay an extra 300.00 to have the unit delivered and set up for us. Afterall, it was a vacation and i did not want to hassle with setting up the trailer. Willams coach agreed to have the trailer at the park by 12pm on the requested day. We arrived at the park 30 minutes before the agreed upon time and waited for the unit. An hour goes by before we make our first call to Craig and Jeff at Williams Coach- no answer. Finally after a two hour wait the trailer shows up. This is where things get interesting. After trying to back the RV in several times the drivers announces that he can’t do it. Frustrated and embrassed for him I offer to back the trailer in, which i do. If that was the end of it it wouldn’t be a big deal, but as it turns out the driver can’t unhook the trailer from the truck. After watching him try to unhook it i get involvled and get it unhooked. I next learn that the driver couldn’t level the trailer, hook up the water or sewer without help from me. Thats right, I paid 300.00 to have the RV delivered and set up but as it turns out I had to do the set up myself. After several attempts I reached Jeff, the owner, and told him my story. One would expect management to be apologetic, but Jeff was combative and rude. I ask that he refund the 300.00 dollar delivery fee and he refused. He basically told me that he had rented over 400.00 trailers year to date and didn’t need my business. At this point i was really wishing i had listened to the other bad reviews on google and taken my money somewhere else, but Jeff and his team are very good with the bait and switch. Once they have your money they are done with you. I tried to work with Jeff and Nashville Coach by asking that they refund half of the delivery fee since I only had to set up at delivery and they refused to do that as well. At somepoint during the conversation Jeff did agree to refund 100.00 dollars back but later failed to remember saying that. I decided to learn from this experience and never use this company again, then our bill arrives. Turns out Williams Coach is even more unscrupulous than i could imagine. Not only did they charge us full rate for the delivery fee, they also charged us several hundred dollars for fuel. The park in question is only 124 miles from their office but they felt the need to charge us a 250.00 fuel surcharge too. One would think that the 300.00 they got for the set up fee would cover fuel especially since their customer had to do the set up. They also tried to charge us a fee for dumping the trailers’ sewage(blackwater), but since the park we were staying in the did take that fee off, but only after several call requesting it be removed. I failed to mention that they also tried to keep our deposit money as well. If we had not gone over our bill carefully we would not have noticed that they did not credit us for the 500.00 deposit we put down. They claim it was an honesty mistake but from their pattern of dishonesty i dont think it was an oversite at all, but another attempt to paid their pockets with unearned money. All it would have taken to make me happy was to express a little common decency and work with me on my issues. I was asking for my 300.00 delivery fee and nothing more. I really wish this would have worked out differently but Williams Coach was very hard, if not impossible to work with. Your experiences may be different -this was my experience. I wish you well if you decide to do business with Williams Coach. Buyer Beware. .

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