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Published: 15 October 2019

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Williams and Fudge uses a number of tactics in its efforts to unnerve you syphon your money as quickly as possible. Once the precursory and half-hearted “are you willing to pay this debt” has been dispensed, the corporate cog with whom you’re speaking will attempt, in record time, to anger you. This is where a lot of people become disheartened, lose thier cool, and eventually end up paying the so-called debt. I personally thrive on drama, so I have fun with it, and I suggest you do the same (unless you’re seriously concerned about your “I love debt” score and are able to settle the account in one fell swoop). Whatever you do don’t trust this, or any other collection agency to do a partial withdrawl. If you give them access to your account, the will, I repeat, they absolutely will hit you for the full ammount. And wasn’t it trusting a corporation to treat you fairly and honestly that got you into this situation in the first place? If the collection agency will send you a written document outling your payment plan, take it. Otherwise your best option is to try to get the debt reduced for a fraction of what they’re claiming you owe. What to know about Williams and Fudge. Don’t avoid them. They’ll probably contact your place of work or possibly even a friend or relative and pester them until they get in touch with you. You might ask your friend or relative to inform them that this is against the law. I don’t even know if it really is against the law, but it never hurts to threaten (they’ll certainly use the same tactic against you). Go ahead and contact them. You’ll get the odd phone call now and then. Think of it as a chance to piss off a corporate nobody. Which brings me to another point. The quality of the workers who are drawn towards collections. That you would even apply to work at a collections company says a lot about your character. Go ahead, admit it to yourself. They’re leeches. Don’t feel bad about saying so. I can guarantee you that at some point during the conversation the collection agent is going similarlly besmerch your good character. They might say something like: “How can you sleep with yourself knowing that you owe this debt?” (Very well, thank you. I’m a repugnant human being. I also enjoy suffocating puppies — or any other snappy answer will suffice. Be creative. Have fun with it). Most debt collectors couldn’t collect their way out of a paper bag when it came right down to it. You might meet the odd collector who knows how to read a person and properly leverage the powers of pursasion to their advantage, but most of them just fumble around trying to piss you off so that you respond emotionally rather than sensiblly. And no sensible person is going to agree to pay a debt they don’t owe. Least of all to Williams and Fudge. Let me speak here, in closing, about willams and Fudge. The company is a third party. A middle man. They were hired by the school or business you owe money to so that said company can keep its hands clean and sleep well at night. Most people have too much compassion and good sense to outright lie and go after a person for a debt they don’t owe. Not so with the mercenaries at William and Fudge. They only know the smell of blood in the water. Money. money. money. You have it and they want it. SHhhhhhlllluuuurrrrppppp!!! Williams and Fudge is hired by schools like Liberty University, but they are in no way affiliated with these schools. They don’t know the school’s policies. They don’t know what the schools stand for (my collection agent said maybe I’d have a Jesus moment and decide to pay, that’s as far as his knowledge of Liberty University went). I’ll render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s when Jerry Falwell Jr. renders to God what is God’s. But I’ll never render anything to Williams and Fudge. And I suggest you do the same. So at the end of the day, Williams and Fudge is all bark, and no bite. Cast your vote against them by refusing to surrender a dime. And make my day by writing a letter or calling the number listed in this report to tell Williams and Fudge what a joke you think their company truly is.

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