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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had a white and clean tooth but my son had ruined his dental health. Due to the consumption of junk food and excessive chocolates he had made his teeth look very dirty and noticeable. Therefore I decided to consult a dentist for the betterment of his teeth. After getting suggestions from my colleagues I decided to take an appointment in the Williams Square Dental. They seemed a family type dental clinic as they had different dentists for the treatment of kids. I made an appointment over a phone call for the same day. Being a punctual man I reached the place before time and as soon as I entered the waiting room, I could feel the stink right through my nose and if I stood here for long I would catch a headache because I was also suffering from migraine issues. I requested the staff member to fix the problem but he didn’t even listen to me. My son and I had to sit for more than half an hour until it was our turn.
We both went inside the room and the doctor ordered me to stand beside my son as he would be having the treatment. Every child has a habit of being restless and doing a bit of mischief, my son did the same, he was being restless when the dentist was examining his teeth’s. The dentist held him tight without saying a word to him and after a while, my son again tried to move because he was getting hurt but the doctor started scolding him and made him scared by telling him that he would break his teeth if he tries to move in between. My son was literally scared by now. The doctor then told me that he has to undergo tooth replacement because the cavities have done their work and before it’s too late he should get his tooth replaced. I agreed to him and was then told to sit in the waiting room until the doctor was ready.
I again went to the waiting area where still the same smell disturbed me for a while until I was called in again. The dentist then called one of his staff members to hold my son while he was about to get injected. The dentist then inserted the injection in the wrong place, instead of inserting it on the gums he did the same on the gum bones. My child sprang out of his chair and was in great pain. He was then hardly convinced by me that no other mistake would be done. He went back to the chair as he is a strong little lad. Yet again, the dentist made a scratch on his upper gums, he couldn’t stop crying because the blood oozed out continuously. Instead of apologizing, the dentist blamed my son for being restless. My sentiments were very hurt and I could not take any other chance with the health of my kid so I took him and rushed out of his clinic to the nearest hospital where the matter was taken back in control.
I would highly suggest every one of you stay away from such an inexperienced dentist who makes simple work a complicated one. All he did was damage throughout the process. Please choose your dentist wisely and never do a mistake getting yourself or your family member checked in the Williams Square Dental.

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