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Published: 24 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I hired Mr.Willie to come to our home after losing monies on another rip off artist. I had purchased 5,000.00 of wood floors carpentry materials to do repairs in my home for me and my 4 year old son. Well my husband had been sick for the last few years undergoing surgery, knee replacements and other surgical procedures and now handicap and no longer do this kind of work. Mr Willie comes out looks around and in a few days gave price first for laying the hardwood floors. I paid him asking price 1400.00. He then brought this painter in saying we want to help you get in your home and winter time was coming and he felt someone else had gave us a bad deal and he just could not do it. This in August. September came he needed more monies I paid him additional monies of 800.00 along with buying materials he claimed I needed. Well the floors were not looking right and the painter Daniel his worker was being sloppy. I addressed this on several occasions along with the floors looking rough. He was wasting the wood cutting boards wasting leaving debri on the ground everyday. The thresholds not done the house froze us to death from the air coming in this winter. Half of the floors in my sons room not down painting sloppy trim in master slopping along withall the lies of returning. He tried to hit me up for more money and when I advised him no more because of the shabby work and his promise to fix, he never returned back. Sent him a certified letter February with intent to suit or return my monies. He called lie to come fix and have not heard from him since. This is heartbreaking,. This was all my savings getting this part of the work done, and he broke me and stole all trust in folks. I am currentliy unemployed raising my 4 year old and at loss. My utility bill is extremely high from the winter months. Insulation was stolen from my home and the floors are not stuck just laid there. Now once I obtained employment again I can get this done. 8 months has went by with over 110 calls to the McKenzie home. I feel horrible. What has happen to folks today? How do they sleep at night. Everything went wrong after that lost of job, husband has to spend most of his time in hospitals, doctors appointments eating up little funds left. We are so behind now because we have to spend more money to correct this mess along with folks he referred to took advantage of a woman in a single parent position. My son keeps saying my floor not finish and because he promis to come back to fix the cracks left in the walls, the winter almost killed us. I tried government assistance no monies available even under the weatherization. I trusted Mr Mckenzie and he cheated us, stole from us and causing us more monies then I had. He continues to lie he is coming out and never does. Our home looks horrible especially on the outside. We bought the siding and he started on it and left it outside not on the house. If I could get the monies who can you trust? Is all contractors just liars? Do they really know how to do the work or just lie about. Mistreated in Mississippi. Our home dont have to look country just because we live in the country. Mistreated in Quitman Mississippi .

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