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Published: 06 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

As I read all the reports already filed against this park, the management, and the owner…I feel compeled to state my peace. As I wondered after everything I have been through with this place, where is the justice for renters who are basically screwed over by landlords. I call Consumer Protective Agency, they couldn’t help. I called about putting my rent into escrow and was told I would need to be in the eviction process in order to do so WHICH means that would be on my credit report. Anyone who lives in Florida knows that if you have anything of the such on your credit report you will not be able to rent anything worth living in. So I decided to call code enforcement, which by the way, didn’t seem to do anything in the beginning… I had to file a complaint against the damn code enforcement worker WHO never seemed to hear me… I don’t know. It took the action of Jackie Calloway from channel 8 news who was doing a peice against code enforcement to get these people out to my place. Which has still not done anything other than cause me more grief in this God forsaken place. Like others, I didn’t see things until after the move in, as the walk in was done a man was in the unit painting and I knew initially it wasn’t going to be the greatest place, but a mother does what she must for her children…. No sacrifice is too great and this move would be no different. I went 3 weeks without a refrigerator and once a replacement came, that didn’t work. The maintanence man left the broken one in the drive way for two weeks. In addition, he broke one of the steps outside the unit, untreated wood that was extremely dangerous to step, took another 2 weeks to fix that. Joy hired Brittany and was training her when I first got there and all Joy taught her was to tell everyone she’s doing a showing… Showing another unit is FAR more important than collecting the rent. I have black mold growing in my primary bathroom and in my kitchen. The air conditioner in the window, which by the way told to me by Joy is a privilege to have, leaked into the wall causeing the breaker to blow and warped the wall and mold is growning there as well. 8 months into my lease, after exhausting all avenues to get out of the lease and obtain my deposit and even hiring a lawyer, I was told that I owe money for the mailbox WHICH I never used because I have a post office box and I don’t use that address for anything EVER… then they go onto to say I owe for the electric I used upon renting the unit… OK I’ll pay for that, considering they JUST brought that up out of the blue. I’m thinking because code enforcement has been pushed to do their job. This past Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 as I lay in my room, Brittany puts a notice on my door and is NOT woman enough to knock at the door, stating I owe $119.40. On Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 I called her and asked her how is it that I owe this money and she once again mentioned the mailbox. Ok shot that down because I do not use their mailboxes which I already made them aware when I payed the electric fee. So then she proceeds to say the electric, I told her I paid that too so where is it coming from. She was unable to produce any documentation for me and told me to come at noon. Ok so I get there and she still has NO paperwork to show me and tells me she should have it by 5. I get there at 5:15 p.m. and no one is there. The door is locked , the light is out in the office and no one is answering the phone. I left a message and proceeded back to my unit. About 6:15 p.m. a woman whom I never seen before states she’s management and she could “try” to help me. She proceeded to talk to me as if I am some goverment assisted person and I shot her down with every smart ass remark that came from her face. I showed her all the receipts that showed I am not behind, late, or don’t pay my rent…. She was on her cell phone and asked me if I knew Joy and I of course said yes. She said she was on the phone with her and she knows all about this issue, I told her I am glad someone does because I sure as hell do not…. I showed this very cocky woman a receipt I had that was dated for 02/14/14 and I hadn’t moved in until 05/30/14. So evidently there is the discrepancy. She said she would have to look into it and to come tomorrow and another person would help me out with the situation as Brittany is in the hospital having her baby. OK this is where I am at, these thieves are just that and will do whatever to extort money from people and I am not that person. I told Brittany that they will have to take me to court and I will put my rent into escrow and we will see what the judge has to say. I am not giving them anymore of my money and I’ll be damned if they attempt to strong arm me. I am far too educated, thanks to them, in this process. I feel there should be some retribution that should be done to all of them. I told someone that I wasn’t sure if I was to be a voice for people like myself but in all I found out, the lessee is screwed and the management can do and say what they want. I thank God everyday that I kept all my reciepts because if I hadn’t I’d be already in the streets. These crooks need to have a come to Jesus meeting and realize that with their cocky attitudes, they are hurting people. And as for Paul Chad Comingore, he’s a man in hiding for a reason. This man will have to pay for his sins and I shall pray for all of them. I am more than happy to help all and any people who are in this situation with this place. I am just not willing to go on camera and talk about the place and get bent over in the end. Forgive my inappropriate words but when it comes to people like that, I become like this.

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