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Published: 17 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I had never heard of Wilson Luna before but somehow ended up on one his webinars. After attending the second one i was tempted into attending his one day free event in London. It turned out that the free event only covered the morning session and the afternoon would be a “VIP” and thats when he would share some business strategies and have a Q & A for business owners plus a coffee session to network with other already sucessful CEOs. I recently started my own business so any networking would have been a plus. I was happy to part with £66 for that sort of arrangement although one of my credit card providers refused to put the transaction through ‘twice’ so i had to use another card. During the morning session all he preached was those in the venue who wouldnt invest in themselves a mere £75 (the price had gone up from £66) to attend the afteroon session, he made them feel inadequate the entire morning. At this point i also found out there would be a three day session at heathrow scheduled for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (17,18,19/15) and the price for that was £1200. He spent the afternoon preaching about investing in oneself for the three day event as this was going to be ground breaking and thats when he would share all the business strategies and tricks of the game. The event ended after 6pm not a mention of business apart from answering a few questions from the audience and again promising to elaborate on the answers at the three day event if they signed up. He had some of his cult members fly in from down-under and were cheering him all the while. Some of the cult members i got to talk to didnt seem to have their own business, going by their business cards which only has their names and Wilson Luna website going by the title ‘Luna family members’. One poor woman didnt have the £1200 nor a business idea spent the afternoon calling her family asking to borrow off them and add up whatever she could gather from different cards. I could almost predict that those atteding will be asked to join yet another program (mentorship) for a higher fee and would leave the event with nothing. And for those who didnt sign up you’re given forms to subscribe to his “TV channel” which has recordings of all the events he’s held in the past. The monthly price for that would be £275 and a one off admin fee of £250. What can i say, i could have done something more productive like watching a rugby match or going for a long walk.

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