Wilson Luna Review

Wilson Luna Review Review

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Published: 03 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

August 2012, we went with two other people to Wilson Luna’s millionaire boot camp, open minded hoping for some form of motivation that clears your head to move in forward on a business venture that was doing just fine before , instead what we found was loud manipulative preaching, in the form of a cult. You talk about the beauty of repetitive hypnosis, this is a method that he uses, and for those poor souls who become sucked in, all I can say is he will rip you off, tear your friends and families apart, all at a cost $$$$$. 95 percenters is what he has the people that he has sucked in call those that have the brains not to become involved. We left three quarters through the first day , thank god. But before that he tried to attack me as a member of his newbie sheep followers because I would not conform , instead I threw back at him the so called Luna’s 10 commandments . Well, I had that parasite stumped for words. In fact he spent a few seconds to compose himself before he began preaching the same repetitive garbage all over again. Who says as a motivational speaker that if someone is in your road to where you want to go, then kick them to the ground, take what you need and keep going. Who says that ( Wilson Luna does) , if you like that idea that another has , then take it and use it for your own ( steal it ).Who teachers that . Not once did Luna speak of any names of those that he has made millionaires . He teachers stealing, walking over people and manipulation, whilst all supported by his sheep that surround the outside of the room monitoring all the new people , just like a cult. The so called preaching was all four letter words, ” fuck this ,fuck that and fuck them”. Arm bands are given out at the start of day 1. Why is that , well it’s is so the staff surrounding the outside including himself and the already brainwashed fools can determine who are the first timers in comparison to the 2nd, 3rd or completely sucked in oldies. From then your targeted. Who says, if your on a plane with your wife or partner and it was having engine problems and could crash, that you should look at your partner and say ” your not good enough and I’m saving myself” , ( Wilson Luna ) I could go on and on, but my closing part is, through this and the very arrogant and naive people we went with not only signed up , but have continually handed over thousands of dollars to this Wilson Luna ( lunatic ). What happened then is what we thought were friends turned out to be deceitful liars who have stolen thousands from the business we had. Hence we no longer have anything else to do with them. I am so blessed that I have integrity and a full brain that allows me/us to see the wolves amongst the sheep. The whole thing reeked of cultish manipulation. I’m sick to think that as I type this – people are still sitting there, listening to that charlatan and his team with their cries of “yes YES!”, “f k yes” and double hi-fiving.

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