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I found advertisements online about the special workshops and courses that are being offered to business firms on a small scale. The most prominent one that seemed to stand out was the one run by Wilson Luna who proudly called himself a “Business Prophet”. This man hails from Australia, Melbourne to be more precise. He moved to the UK about ten years ago from what I’ve read in his bio. He began offering these courses in the year 2011 targeting people run businesses and who are looking to expand them.

This is the ID I had been provided for contact: [email protected]
His package starts with an initial two day workshop during which time he educates the clients and gets to know them better, he then teaches strategies that can be effectively implemented, and at the end he offers mentoring programs for about 5000 pounds. This amount is likely to change these days though. His program consists of internet based learning, video tutorials, his books on financial accounting and six days of in-situ advanced training in the field for six people exclusively. This is essentially a course on business expansion and modelling.

I had previously taken the workshop in July and thought this would be an amazing opportunity to learn and enrolled in the program by paying the full amount. Towards October, I completely changed my mind about the deal. It was an entire waste of my time and money. Before I tell you about why it was a waste of my resources, I’ll tell you why I had initially thought it was a good idea for an investment.

I have already been to many learning workshops such as these and have had exceptionally positive outcomes. One such workshop I had attended was Tony Robbin’s Mastery University on Personal Development. It was totally worth the 10,000 pounds I had paid. I then took a course offered by Keith Cunningham on Business Psychology which was for an amount of 2000 pounds, again a worthy cause for my money. All this was way back between 2006-2008. It really was a very good use of my hard earned money.

Now, I’ll give you the reasons why Wilson Luna’s educational workshop did not work. Wilson Luna calls himself a “business consultant”. This is a misnomer of epic proportions. He is NOT one. He is a motivational speaker as far as I can see. He does not have the qualifications to call himself a “business consultant”. The most lucrative part of this workshop is the initial two day, free program offers. That was to be the most productive. If I were to compare him to Tony, I’d give Tony a maximum rating of 10/10 while giving Luna a measly 5/10. That’s how bad he is.
You would think that you are in the company of greatness when you are around Tony Robbins. HE is legendary. Throughout Luna’s course this particular quote kept replaying in my mind, “History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a farce.” If I were to compare Wilson Luna with Keith Cunningham, I’d give Luna a -2. Not even kidding.

This program would probably be most helpful to those people who have zero knowledge in the field. It’s an absolute waste of time for most other people, especially to those who already have experience in the field.
Luna also makes you get him “followers”. He insists that those who take the workshop spread word of his program and achievements. He demands that you tell more people who his work. This is absolutely ridiculous because it is a complete waste of your time and it’s not like you are his own personal advertising agent. You would even feel personally attacked if at the end of his event because he will ask you personally about the number of followers you’ve gotten him.
Finally, the advanced course he offers is another fucking joke. It has zero knowledge it’s going to offer. It will not add to your existing body of experience. It will seem like déjà vu all over again. It is an absolute waste of your time and money.

Wilson Luna claims to have philanthropic ventures and ideas in mind, but this is not true. He is very money minded and is always looking to rip people off. He claims to want to add to knowledge and help people, but what he actually does is to swindle them off their money by offering substandard services. You won’t even be able to question him or ask him anything. If you go against what he says, your phone calls will not be answered, your emails unanswered.

I’ve had enough with him and want to warn people about this sick guy. Please stay away from him if you do not wish to waste your time and money.


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