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Published: 20 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

The salesman assumed I wanted gray glass instead of clear glass and ordered gray glass. My historic district doesnt even allow it. They wont fix it now and then tried to charge me. They words gray glass are mixed in the contract so it wasnt noticed. I assumed my glass would be clear. Only to be told today that I needed to specifically order clear glass…Really?! BS… I dont think that was a bad assumption to have clear glass on my windows. They have been sitting at my house for 2 months and they couldnt even come pick them up. Now my my time and project have been inconvenienced by 4 months. The salesguy is nice and helpful; he just made a mistake but the owner Jeff thought only charging me $800 to fix was a great option by him…refused to fix it for free and give me what i thought i was ordering.He said “”You should have specifically ordered clear glass”” Seriously? Then I said “”Why would I pay I didnt anything wrong”” and he said “”I know”” He admitted it wasnt my fault and after I brought that up to him he tried to retract stating “”I didnt hear what you said”” I did sign the contract but a good business would go over the color of your windows with you especially if its any other color than clear. I knew I needed clear per my historic distric but didnt know I had to request clear, I thought clear would be by default. The salesman, Landon Veatch, assumed I wanted grey glass, he told me after the fact that 90% of people in Florida order tinted glass, so in my mind I was understanding why he assumed but then they wouldn’t fix and wanted to pay! He claimed I found out I needed clear glass from the historic district after the fact, however the fact is I already had the permit pending prior to ordering the windows and I knew I needed clear glass. (I can get a letter from the head of the Palm Beach County Historic district stating that if necessary.) We spoke about the difference between tinted and clear glass for a few minutes because I told him my back room gets hot and maybe we will do tint in the future if I decide to replace my back impact French doors, that would be an option because it’s in the back of my house but I NEVER said I wanted tinted glass on the windows I was ordering, if I did, wouldn’t I have also had to choose how much tint I wanted? Nope didn’t do that either. I have never ordered windows before and it says the color mixed in a lot of writing and on the same line it says; color=gray, texture=none…which I sure can see on the contract they sent you. I never noticed it, I was in a rush he said initial here, initial there, and then I waited for my windows assuming the whole time they would be clear cause he didn’t go over that with me in the paperwork and I assumed everyone ordered clear. But I’m allowed to assume as the consumer he is not. I never wanted my money back, they gave me no choice. I just wanted it fixed and to get what I thought I paid for. Not to mention, the day they were delivered I was surprised and called him immediately and all they said was, “”Let me check the paperwork”” and then said “”But I have a signed contract”” Landon also wrote me an email which I uploaded for you which says and I quote “”I recall speaking with you about the difference between the thermal efficiency of gray glass vs. clear glass (gray blocks about 1/2 the heat while clear blocks basically nothing), but other than that I can’t for the life of me remember discussing anything to do with the glass color regarding the Historic District. I definitely remember that we had to use aluminum, and we had to match as best we could the profile of the old windows, but never the color of the glass. The only thing I can say is that if the Historic Registry people challenge you on this, then I’ll go to bat for you. If your home was in a highly visible location, such as a commercial area, then I would be concerned. The only time I can recall being forced to use clear glass was in exactly that scenario, never in a residential application. But as it stands I would be surprised if anyone caught it, especially because once the windows are installed, it will be a vast improvement compared to what is currently in the wall.”” end quote…If that doesn’t scream assumption I don’t know what does, on top of the fact he was advising me to install and go against Historic District bylaws and hope they don’t catch it. That’s not very professional and I don’t think Ms. Mittner in the historic district, or the mayor of West palm would like that very much. I knew after they wouldn’t pick them up and they left them at my house for 2.5 weeks cause Landon kept losing track of time or because the sales manager Todd, couldn’t find a time to schedule cause he repeatedly told me he was on lunch when I tried to call to figure out what was going on, I knew something was up. Plain and simple Landon made 2 mistakes weather he admits it or not..1. Assumed I wanted tinted glass and 2. Didn’t go over it with me when I came to sign the paperwork (however I will I admit I was in a rush so it might have frazzled him) but they don’t want to fix it which is ridiculous. I get as a salesman and a business they tried to see if possibly I would doubt what I know for a fact and since I need windows bad maybe I would cough up the extra $800 and if it was my fault and I truly changed my mind at the last second I would pay but I know for a FACT I never ordered or said to order tinted glass. Period. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. IF THEY MAKE A MISTAKE THEY WILL ONLY FIX IT IF YOU PAY AND WILL MAKE UP STUFF SO YOU DO…FOR EXAMPLE THAT I NEEDED TO SPECIFICALLY ORDER CLEAR GLASS. JEFF THE OWNER WILL NOT HELP. STAY AWAY! .

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