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Published: 22 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Windstream sent me a letter i had internet service it was 3 megabytes down and 333 kbps the letter offered faster service which when i called regarding the advertisement 6 megabytes down and 768 kilobytes up i was told i would be upgraded in a few days i got it i was very happy i called because i did a download test it wasnt quite the right speed with other test sites the told me it was in streams so i said ok thank you i was working using the service to fix peaoples computers remotely after a year of service i called windstream tech support because my service was slow i was paying to stream through netflix and a few other companies i was having problems with it stopping and going they sent a technician out he came to my house he checked my connections then he said he would come back well he never did next i called and i was told they cut my service down but would not tell me i have bills for 39.95 a month and specifically says 6mb service with my phone service as well nobody would tell me what was going on i went into town to the windstream dslam service center where the technicians work out of i was told by the techy that i was cut down and i said i had the service over a year and he told me he would talk to the supervisor well i get a call on my voicemail telling me i never had 6mb service and they never had 6 mb service coming into that box well there are other people closer to it that had 6mb service i never got but maybe a months worth of credit and was cut down to 3mb and 333kbps up i could not continue to do my work because of them doing this i lost my income and i am disabled with a bad hip and have to use a electric chair i can not hold employment because of my disability and i was clearly scammed they know they oversold there roku boxes and dsl service so i was plainly scammed and nobody ever did anything about it!!!!! and we cant even barely get on the internet and do anything at 3 mb the service is so slow everybody is complaining i deserve to be credited for the time that i didnt have the 6mb service and i should be hooked back to 6mb because i had it over a year its crazy that they put down fiber optic cable and we still hear that they are in another town and when they are done hooking it up there they will come back to my neighborhood and hook the fiber optic cable which will help everybody from crawling like a snail we cant afford to pay for metered satellite service which is fast as can be!! help me everybody you know all about windstream they dont care about us they treat us like dogs and havent done a thing about my problem or the paycheck i lost because they know they over sold the dsl service!!! before it was windstream it was alltel they were the best i didnt need anymore then the 3 mbps service it was great until windstream took over they are plainly ripoff artists and they know it! and dont care about there customers!!!! Again Windstream Customers please leave your comments on all your problems that windstream has caused all of us!!! i have tried to call the communications omsbudsman!! and tried to get the tier 2 technician on broadband dsl reports to help me and they would always say i never recieved a pm from you well i dont have the money to pay to join them as a member!! you go to that site you will see windstream is slow as turtles!!! thank you for reading this!!! ps i have proof of them charging me for the 6 megabyte service at 39.95 a month through my bank account!! and bills which were sent to me clearly describing me getting 6 megabyte internet service What do i do. .

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