Windworks Sailing And Powerboating Club

Please don’t make appointments in the Windworks Sailing And Powerboating Club.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Since it was our semester break me and my friends were deciding to do something adventurous. After thinking a lot one of my friends suggested us for powerboating. It seemed interesting and adventurous too. We decided to go for it. For that, we had to find a powerboating company to take us to a ride down the island of Seattle. After searching online we decided to go to the Windworks Sailing & Powerboating Club. It was a good idea to spend some time on the sea and look around the beauty of the world. Therefore, we made an appointment over a phone call of the next day. I and my friends made it sure that we reach the place in time without any fail. Being full of enthusiasm and excitement nobody was late the other day and we reached there on time. I went to the management office to know about the appointment we made. The manager said that no appointment was made last day and to go for power boating we had to book a boat right now.
There was such a long queue and we had no option left because I and the boys had already decided that we would ride on a powerboat. Therefore we booked our boat and had to wait for an hour for our turn. Our turn finally came and as soon as we stepped onto the boat it started dangling left and right and the seats made a strange sound as if they will break and fall. Nevertheless, we sat on the boat comfortably and were provided with life jackets. They too were old and smelly and some were torn too. The instructor requested us to fasten our seat belts but we noticed that only 3 out of 6 chairs had seat belts. This ride was about to turn scary instead of adventurous. All our excitement was gone due to the condition of the ship. I asked the instructor to change our boat and provide us with a new one to which he said that all the boats are more likely to be in the same condition. We had to hold the edges of the boat as we didn’t have seat belts. We were not even able to click pictures because both our hands were engaged. Halfway into the trip, the engine started making strange noise too. It was around 16 miles from the destination. The boat suddenly stopped in the middle of our trip and the instructor was surprised too. After checking up the engine he finally found that petrol was over and phoned the management to do something.
We were informed that the petrol tanker would take about 25 minutes to reach here so all we did was wait for it. After the gas tanker was refilled we were taken back to the coast. I still regret the decision of coming to the Windworks Sailing &Powerboating Club. They gave horrible service to us. We will never ever risk our lives by coming here.

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