WinOptions is nothing but a huge scam and you should never invest in them

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Published: 22 August 2017

Posted by: Timothy J. Shipley

Here’s something you should know beforehand if you’re thinking of trying your luck with brokerage companies to trade online. Yes, I said ‘luck’ because although it’s a legitimate business that requires a fair amount of research and subject knowledge, there’s another quotient to it. I’m talking about the luck that determines whether or not you get scammed. The number of reports and complaint online about scammers and frauds is astounding. Yet, people continue to be interested in this, and consequently continue losing money.
I didn’t start out very differently from other victims like myself. I did my share of reading and trying to understand how trading worked in 2013. On the twenty fourth of April, I decided to get an account with a reputed company so I could start making money off trading. I chose because they had a really nice website and my instincts said things would be good if I chose them. Just more proof that you shouldn’t always trust your instincts. Go for hard facts and do some research to see if people have written testimonials about the company you want to invest in instead.
Once I got my account, I made sure I didn’t waste any time. I started out with an easy enough deposit of $250. One thing I noticed about the trading platform was that they did not seem to run by or display real time. Instead, their data showed up in a simulated time format, which had me suspicious. I figured this meant that my losses would directly benefit this unscrupulous company! My losses would just line the pocket of the cheat who ran the company
I wanted out right away. Can you blame me? There I was, under the illusion that all was right and I was on the road to making money by trading. Only to find out that I had invested $250 in a fake company and was going to see no returns at all. Soon enough, the money I had deposited with them began to dwindle. In the span of less than a month, my money went down to a $100 and then to $50. I was very mad by this point. I emailed their customer service at [email protected] and was able to get through to a representative after many attempts. Not that all my efforts did me any good. He just gave me vague responses and asked for ID proof and such, no doubt to try and cheat me out of even more money. Obviously, I have not engaged in any such interactions with them. I had absolutely no intention of giving out any sort of personal information to a site like which has no decency or ethics.
Be careful who you invest with. I am not the only victim of this scam of a company. You will find that a lot of other people have been scammed by these people.

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