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I would advise you all to keep away from such stupid places!

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Published: 20 May 2019

Posted by: Donna

If you think you have healthy teeth then a simple visit to Winsted Dental can change that for you. Have you heard the term “incompetent”? If you have then you can define the doctors at this clinic in one word without any problem. I hired Winsted Dental to get a root canal done. My usual dentist was away and I was stuck with these morons. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating anything, these guys literally know nothing about dentistry, they ARE morons. I had a bad feeling the first time I entered the clinic, but I ignored it and convinced myself that I was overthinking. Maybe God was trying to protect me from these idiots. The dentist at Winsted Dental diagnosed me and told me that I have 2 more cavities and thus I will have to get THREE root canals (not just one, THREE). That was going to be fucking expensive but I didn’t care too much bout the money because the bill was supposed to be covered by my dental insurance plan (more on that later). I agreed to get the root canals done and the doctor told me to get an appointment for next week because he will have to go out and will not be available. By the next week, my dentist arrived as well. I went to the clinic and got the three root canals and without even asking me, the dentist got me three crowns as well. If you don’t know about crowns, just know that they are really expensive. After the procedure was done, I was happy with my teeth h, however, my happiness shattered as soon as I saw the bill. They charged me $7,000 for this treatment, SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! It was just outrageous because I did not expect to receive such a big bill. And to make things even worse, they exhausted my whole dental insurance plan and I had to pay them $3,678.00 in cash. I literally had to pawn my Harley to pay these SOBs. I was really frustrated with the bill. One of my friends told me to get an appointment with my previous dentist and ask him if I even had those two additional cavities. I did exactly as he told me to and got an appointment with a nearby ortho. I showed the new doctor the files and reports I got at Winsted Dental and he told me that I didn’t have any cavities other than the one that my usual dentist’s one. I basically got scammed! Winsted Dental stole my money by lying to me and they literally drilled through two of my perfectly healthy teeth and did a fucking root canal. Man, they didn’t need a root canal but those MFs still did it. These fuckers look at their customers as opportunities to earn money, they don’t want to help you or make your smile better, they just want the fucking cash. I would advise ya’ll to keep away from places like Winsted Dental clinic.

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