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Having been a victim, I would not want anyone else to suffer the way I am suffering now.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

One day, while I was coming out of the bathroom, I did not notice that the water had flown out of the bathroom. I stepped on the almost invisible pool of water and bam! I accidentally slipped and fell. I fell against my teeth and one of my front teeth got completely broken. Apart from the excruciating pain, I did not have the strength to look at myself in the mirror. I felt ashamed even when I opened my mouth to talk. It was tough to even chew food. I decided to get dental implants as it was the only way to improve the condition of my teeth. I looked for good clinics around me and I found out about Winter Park Smiles. I scheduled an appointment for the very next day as I did not want to delay the inevitable any further.
I reached the place an hour before the scheduled time of my appointment. On reaching there, the receptionist told me that there was no record of my name in the list of appointments for that day. Coincidentally, I had the call on which I scheduled the appointment, recorded on my phone. After listening to it, the receptionist told me to wait as the doctor had not arrived. I was not even offered a glass of water by the staff members. Anyway, the doctor finally arrived. I was called in.
I explained the problem to the doctor. After looking at the X-Ray of my teeth. Thankfully, the doctor told me that I would need a bone graft or a sinus lift. He told me that he would perform the implant surgery the next day. Although the cost of the implant along with the crown stated by the doctor was too much, I decided to get one. This was my first mistake as the doctor’s intent was all about fattening his pocket.
I came the very next day for undergoing the procedure. The doctor called me into his cabin after making me wat for almost forty-five minutes. I went in and sat in the dentist chair, all set for the procedure. The doctor informed me that he would be putting in a subperiosteal implant. The procedure started. Anesthesia was used by the doctor to numb the areas. He took his instrument to make a cut in my gums to install the metal frame which would hold the implant in place. The instrument he used was a bit rusty and after making the cut, he advised me to get a tetanus shot. I could not believe how a professional doctor at such a reputed clinic could do such a thing. While cutting the gum, he scratched my tongue and it started bleeding. He did not even stop for a second and went ahead with the procedure. After installing the frame somehow, he mounted the implant on it. I could feel the implant dangling but he assured me that would fit ‘soon’. The procedure completed and I went home along with a prescription given by the doctor.
It has been 3 weeks since that day and I still can feel the teeth dangling. I tried calling the doctor but he has blocked my number and not even the clinic is responding. I tried calling with different numbers as well but it did not make a difference.
I would strongly advise you all too, never ever set foot into Winter Park Smiles as that place does not care about your well-being. It only cares about making huge money.

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