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Many things wrong about them, don’t care about the patients

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Published: 10 May 2019

Posted by: Rebecca

Just because they have a game room, it doesn’t mean they are a great choice for children. Their appointment management is terrible. They just keep delaying your meeting. And it hasn’t happened twice or thrice, it happens every time when you visit the doctor. It’s a pediatric clinic, so it would obviously be filled with kids’ attractions. But that’s it. There isn’t anything else for you. The staff is terrible. They ignore the children. But the poorest thing about the place is its time management. There’s no use of setting an appointment with the doctor at this place. They’ll make you wait, no matter what. And the waiting periods aren’t small. They make you wait for hours. Literally. They will make you wait for around one and a half hours or two hours. And I know why they do that. They do this on purpose so you will send your kid in the game room, and for that, they can charge you a few extra bucks. I used to get freaking tired whenever I visited the place. the entire clinic, Wiric Orthodontics is one big mess. When I raised the issue with the staff, they didn’t pay attention to my concerns. They just nodded or gave me vague replies. These people don’t care for their patients. All they see in you is one giant load of cash. Your kid spends an hour playing game there while the receptionist tells you to wait just for a few more minutes. I complained about this issue several times. It’s an orthodontics clinic and so you’d have to visit it multiple times. Braces take time. Sometimes, they can even take years for the treatment. And after visiting them for a few months, I had enough. Who can tolerate those hour-long waiting periods?! I can’t. I hated every minute I spent there. And I know that every other parent or guardian does. It’s a huge pain in the A** when you know that your appointment is nothing more than a sham. And you’ll still have to wait there for the doctor who is doing God knows what. I resent this place. I’m not taking my kid there anymore. Their long waiting periods help them charge you a couple of bucks for the game room. You see, kids can’t wait for an hour. And when there’s something so enticing nearby, it’s easy for them to give up to their temptations. If you’re not taking a kid there, or if you’re going there by yourself, then still, you’d hate those long waiting periods. I wasn’t the only person who was fed up with their terrible time management. Every other parent or guardian was tired of this nonsense. And they had all the right to be so. After all, they were setting up appointments beforehand and paying them up later for seeing the doctor. We were the people spending the money and yet were the people enduring all the pain. So it’d be better if you went someplace else.

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