Wiseway Global Education in Beijing China - Study Abroad Fraud

Wiseway Global Education in Beijing China - Study Abroad Fraud Review

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Published: 23 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is an exact cookie cutter scam of the cucas study abroad fraud. They charge $30,000 to get you into "a top university" and guarantee you to get "a scholarship". In reality, all they really do is fill out your enrollment and scholarship application forms and then use the fine print of their contract and terms and conditions to weasel their way out of their verbal promises and obligations. Http://www.Realscam.com/f51/wiseway-global-education-scam-beijing-china-4421/ post116467 Because they are based in beijing china, you have no legal recourse and the chinese government cares less about foreigners getting cheated. If a chinese student complains they get refunded immediately! Less than 5& 37; of applicants actually get into a top university but their book fool of fake and photoshopped i-20 letters tell a different story. And it is true that all of their applicants win a "scholarship" but it is one you never heard of because it is one they themselves created and to legally meet the terms of their contract, every customer gets a $1,000 rebate which they conveniently call "a scholarship". All of their review and testimonial videos are fake and they use foreign expat teachers to recruit gullible victims for them and for bring a new sheep to the pack of wolves they are paid $1,000. Warn all your friends to avoid these thieves.

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