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Published: 19 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I started talking to Wolf and Goat online about African tribal religions after some discussions on the topic. I had mentioned to them that I was interested in Palo Mayombe. Troy had told me that he was a member of the Briyumba branch and a practicing palo priest. I had asked him if he could help me to get initiated into Las Reglas De Kongo and if I could join his Munanso. He told me that first he would have to conduct a consultation with the spirits which would cost $121. I sent him the money to the address he provided me with. He contacted me back a few days later saying that he received the money and had consulted the spirits. He said that I was suppose to receive rayamiento followed by a Zarabanda Nganga. He told me all of this would cost around $7,000 normally. But that he could do it for $4,250 because he had left over ingredients from a previous nganga he had made and that he wouldnt charge me any extra for them. Which at the time sounded like a great deal. Troy told me that I would have to come to New York and stay with him and his brother Jesse for at least a day in order for them to perform the proper rites. Which I was ok with I bought a plane ticket to New York a month ahead of time then informed Troy of the purchase. He then asked me to send him $750 so that he could get the rest of the ingredients that were missing ahead of time as well as secure the proper animals for sacrifice. I sent him the money he was suppose to give me a number to call for quite awhile but seemed to of always forgot to in his messages. The last week before I am suppose to fly there I can not get ahold of him at all. I then try contacting him on facebook. This is when I see a sexually explicit message written from Jesse to Troy. Jesse is not Troys brother but his gay lover. Which is a complete no no in Palo Mayombe and is considered extremely disrespectful to the Mpungu. I know at this moment that this is not an authentic priest of Palo Mayombe and that I have been took. I confront him on facebook about it and I was immediately blocked. My plane ticket is non refundable. All together I got screwed out of $1,402. .

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