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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

After a long time I decided to make a report about Paul. Back in 2013 I hired Paul for a case I was involved in. Unfortunately he was referred to me by a family friend. This referral has cost me dearly. I was involved in a federal case, and from the moment I walked into his office he “sold” me on the fact that I was for sure going to be indicted. So during our initial interview he stated to me, as well as other people in the room that his fee was $10k pre-indictment, and another $10k to plea, and if I wanted to fight the case it would be $30k total. After all of my research I knew I wasn’t going to fight the case as the government has a high 90% conviction rate. So I gave him $20k to pay for my legal services. After I my self decided and push for the actions I wanted to take, I ended up not being indicted. So upon asking Mr. D’Agrosa for my $10k back, he said to me that he never made any sort of agreement and now he says that the agreement was 10k pre, and another 10k until completion. Then says to me, look at the outcome of this case, you shouldn’t have an issue with not getting any monies back. I told him this was completely unacceptable and once I raised the question to him he reverted his stance and said that he can no longer represent me. Go figure. He didn’t even council me all the way through. I felt this is a reasonable course of action as I wait for my paperwork to get submitted to the courts about his STEALING my money and claiming he said something different. This of course is the reason why at the beginning he does NOT sign any kind of contract. This allows for him to bully people around who don’t know any other form of recourse. My advice to you is STAY away from Paul. There are many other great lawyers who will do the exact same thing as he does and be far more transparent and honest. It’s a good thing I had a co-council on this charge. That was the person that actually help guide me through this. I could have spent 15k less and gotten the same result. My best advice if you feel it is absolutely necessry to use Paul (this should never be the case) would be to pay him in small payments. Make him work for his money, and make him write a contract. He is a lawyer. There should be no reason he can’t write a contract for the “work” he does. Once he got paid from me it was d**n near impossible to get in touch with him. I had to “surprise” him at his office. This is the change you will notice once he gets his money. Before that he will make you feel great and convince you that he can do all of this and that for you. And he has connections. Blah blah blah. Don’t hire this LIAR and a THIEF! .

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