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Don’t be fooled by this nonsense.

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I had joined the ‘Emerging Influencer’ program of the Women’s International Network. It costs around $1000 per year and claims to give you access to courses and networking opportunities. To be honest, it is full of rubbish. There is no value in spending a thousand dollars and joining their ‘Emerging Influencer’ membership. You will only get generic advice and courses from unknown people. I think it was the worst $1000 I have spent anywhere. I should have only bought her monthly membership first. But everyone said that WIN is a great platform and it will help me improve my life.

There is a lot of hype built around WIN and its CEO Paula. But it’s all false. You will only get some manipulative messages and access to trash content. If their ‘Emerging Influencer’ membership is this bad then how bad would the cheaper one (Aspiring something) be?

Her networking opportunities are only a way to connect you with other salespeople. I bet she is earning money from those salespeople for getting them accesses to this many consumers. Her mentorship calls are all about how she built the WIN network and if you want to listen to her life story every week, you’re free to pay her a 100 bucks. The business course might have been good but I wasn’t able to access them. I had bought full-year membership of their site and I wasn’t able to access most of the courses. When I complained, they said it’s because of a technical issue and they will solve it.

Oh, and another thing, remember the salespeople I was talking about? You will find them in the prestigious ‘Inner Circle Private Group’. You will find all kinds of MLM schemes and ‘get rich quick’ plans there. Leave your dream networking opportunities or the possibility of finding other enthusiastic women. You will only find some saleswomen who want you to purchase their products or services. I was tired of meeting these many salespeople in one day.

I also found someone complaining about their programs. I am not the only person they have cheated this way. Their whole program is bogus. You will end up getting scammed and paying for waste. Their CEO Paula is a scumbag who is falsely marketing her company for the sake of stealing money from other women.

One of her past employees has also told everyone that Paula has been lying to her investors. So she not only lies to her customers but also to her investors. Would you want to be a part of this scam? You will gain nothing except numbers of different saleswomen who claim to help you lose weight or grow your income tenfold. Her programs are a joke. Don’t waste your money on them. I have contacted their customer support numerous times about my blocked access to courses and the quality of networking experience. They always say they will do their best but they never do anything. I hope my review will help you make an informed decision because there is so much false hype around WIN that it’s very difficult to find honest reviews of this organization.

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