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Published: 23 February 2018

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FOR UPDATES ON THIS CASE VISIT REGRET A VET BLOGSPOT – THIS INVESTIGATION IS STILL ONGOING AS OF FEBRUARY 2015. This is a long but detailed story, so before I begin below is only a PARTIAL LIST of what Myloh and I experienced at Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Edin Mehanovic. If you are in Illinois or on the Wisconsin border you need to know about this vet. To read the story in it’s entirety with the gory details of what this “cheap priced” doctor that people think is so wonderful did to an innocent dog you have to click on the tab Myloh’s Full Story. Then you can decide for yourself if you would EVER take the chance on bringing your pet to Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic especially when there are SEVERAL other vets in the area! ♥ MYLOH ♥ THREE surgeries. According to Dr. Mehanovic the 1st surgery was necessary based on an X-ray he took, but there was no pre-surgical lab work done, and right now neither I nor Myloh’s new vet have been able to get the X-ray from Wonder Lake. The X-ray is what Mehanovic used to tell me that Myloh needed surgery within less than 30 minutes of being there. A bill that was almost DOUBLE the original pre-surgical estimate, without ever notifying me of any changes to the estimate. When I went to get Myloh, Dr. Edin Mehanovic screaming in my face and MOCKING me about my inability to pay the difference between the original estimate we had agreed upon, and the bill that was now essentially a DOUBLED FEE THAT I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT UNTIL I WENT TO PICK UP MY DOG. This incident occurred outside the view of his other clients in the waiting room as Dr. “NICE GUY” is SCREAMING about how he can’t pay his mortgage if people like me don’t pay. Second and third surgeries were need to be done within 20 hours of each other as a result of a giant mass on Myloh’s neck where repeated injections of penicillin were given. Myloh is allergic to penicillin. Dr. Mehanovic almost injecting Myloh with penicillin when I had told him (and I later saw it on the chart that he sent to the new vet) NO PENICILLIN because Myloh is allergic to it. If I hadn’t been there to stop Mehanovic, he would have PLUNGED THAT NEEDLE into my dog. Does he not even read his own records? A vet who brags about having 10,000 customers cannot possibly work from memory and yet he never had Myloh’s records with him in any of the exams. Pictures of the horrific aftermath of the second surgery including my blood soaked mattress and box spring. Improperly dispensed drugs with important information left off of the labels. Record keeping – EPIC FAIL. Inappropriate post-surgical room. Rude, disorganized front desk staff. UPDATES MARCH 2013: Mehanovic has been refusing to release any records to me or Myloh’s new vet. Telling the new vet that I owed him (Mehanovic) money and how much. According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation this is a violation. MAY 2013: Mehanovic finally released only the written records to Myloh’s new vet but not to me which makes him still in violation for not releasing complete patient files even though I repeatedly asked for even by certified mail dated May 2nd, 2013. So the new vet still does not have Myloh’s X-rays to see what Mehanovic saw that would have indicated why Myloh needed immediate surgery in the first place. WHY WON’T MEHANOVIC RELEASE THOSE X-RAYS? JULY 16th 2013: Mehanovic will still not send copies of x-rays to my new vet. Not even through a simple FAX. The reason THIS TIME was that they are too big. The new vet asked why they couldn’t just shrink them like all vets do between each other everyday, a very simple task and Mehanovic still said “NO”. If a patient wants copies they have to go in to the clinic and pay a fee. But when a new vet requests a simple FAX from the old vet, and the old vet REPEATEDLY DENIES to do so it is VERY uncommon, VERY strange, and is definitely making ALL of us think SOMEONE IS HIDING SOMETHING. JULY 26th 2013: Call from the lllinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation investigator assigned to Mylohs case asking if Mehanovic had sent the complete patient files INCLUDING x-rays to the new vet yet. I told her he has not. I also informed her that I obtained copies of the written records from the new vet myself and that there are several records missing, including Mylohs ENTIRE hospital stay. I told her my new vet called Dr. Mehanovics office on 2 separate occasions to make sure they didn’t forget to send any more records and Mehanovics office told the new vet that they sent them all of the written records they have for both Myloh and Maxx. The investigator is mailing release forms to me to fill out so she could have them sent directly to her. I was told that I can send anything else I had pertaining to this case along with the release forms. The IDFPR is very busy and short on investigators at this time. Surely they do not appreciate this monkey business. July 28th 2013: Received release forms in the mail today from the IDFPR investigator on my case. I filled them out and dropped them right back in today’s mail along with all other information requested. August 10th 2013: Received a call from my new vet this afternoon informing me that he received the x-ray (CD/DISK) in today’s mail. August 29th 2013: Still waiting to hear from the investigator from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation assigned to Mylohs case. January 10th, 2014: I was told by the investigator (L.A.) on the phone that Dr. Edin Mehanovic is still under open investigation by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation – Case 2013-02807 April 23, 2014 : Call from the investigator asking me to send and fax a few items and papers. August 5th, 2014: The investigator informed me today that my case has been turned over to the board and and attorney. October, 23, 2014: The investigator informed me my Case 2013-02807 has been with the board/attorney department for approximately 2+ months. Mehanovic is still under investigation and to call back in 6 weeks unless I hear from them sooner. ———————————————————— Dec. 2014: My case is still open and this slime-ball is still under investigation – It is likely the slew of other complaint that have come in which is further delaying mine as they sometimes start to look at them altogether. The other stories I have received against this pig are appalling. Please email me for further questions fro now on since I have too much mail so it is is easier to keep track of. Meanwhile this greedy barbaric foreign POS has opened another clinic in Lake Villa, IL. I understand that rescues will take any help they can get but there is just to much suspicion about this *** and his killings and he has already been reprimanded once, and doesn’t deserve anyones trust! February 2015: Spoke with investigator. Investigation is still ongoing. Probably held up by the other complaint that poured in. ************* Whether or not Dr. Edin Mehanovic cares to know the rules of his own profession, according to an investigator at the Illinois state board, it is a VIOLATION of statute in the state of Illinois to refuse to release the COMPLETE records of a pet to the owner because of a balance due. If you don’t believe me you can call the IDFPR. You would think that Dr. Mehanovic would care about having another violation because in February 2013 Dr. Mehanovic was fined and reprimanded by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation for untimely renewal of his Controlled Substance License. Dr. Edin Mehanovic – License 9007610 HERE IS MYLOH’S STORY WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Veterinarians know we need them, and once your pet is under their care we usually take the vets advice. But if your pet becomes sick or DIES in the hands of a NEGLIGENT VETERINARIAN you may never know the real reason WHY. Many veterinarians usually get away with their careless behavior, and they are RARELY reprimanded for even the grossest negligence. Even though I love my dogs to no end, I’m ashamed to say I was very naive. I didn’t do a a thorough search to find out more about this Dr. Edin Mehanovic. We read reviews, and the 5 star ones catch our eye right? But we have to look beyond those “great reviews” because we really don’t know where they come from. They can be fakes, family, employees, and sometimes even the vet himself! One of the most important things I want you to tell you is GET A COPY OF YOUR PETS RECORDS AFTER EACH VISIT! By waiting to request them at a later date if you’re curious about something that went wrong, there is a VERY HIGH risk that the records may have been tampered with. HOW IT ALL BEGAN December 29th 2012. The reason I brought Myloh to a vet was because I noticed he was yawning a lot for 2 days, and was eating grass. I thought maybe he got into something and maybe his stomach hurt. I researched that excessive yawning is a sign of stress and a “calming signal” so I thought a vet visit could tell me if something was REALLY even wrong with him. At that time Myloh was eating, drinking, and playing, but I wanted to be sure. Dr. Mehanovic did an x-ray, and I thought he did a fecal test, because he gave Myloh an enema, had me walk him outside, and then bring the sample back inside. Then we went in the X-ray room. After seeing the X-ray he told me there was some blockage in his intestines and Myloh needed surgery. I asked him “When?” and he said “Today”. I felt I had to discuss finances at this time since we were now talking surgery. I informed Dr. Mehanovic that I only had a certain amount of money when I brought Myloh in. He knew the exact amount that I had (it was not a small amount either), and he said that was fine and set the price at the entire amount I had. I had no reason to believe that was going to be a problem later, especially since he was so friendly and polite. It almost seemed like he didn’t care about the money, and I really felt like Myloh was in good hands. SURGERY 1 A few hours later I called to see if everything was okay and Dr. Mehanovic told me surgery was “FINE” and what Myloh had wrong with him was intussusception of the intestines. He also told me he wanted to keep him there for at least 5 days. I thought he knew best so I said I understood and Myloh was hospitalized. I called everyday at least twice. Although he was vague he always said Myloh was “FINE”. There was no discussion of an increase in money and Dr. Mehanovic was clear on the amount we discussed. I researched everything I could about canine intussusception of the intestines. I found out that there is a procedure called “enteroplication” that can be done during surgery and is known to lessen the chance of an intussusception recurrence. When I spoke on the phone with Dr. Mehanovic after surgery I asked him if he did the enteroplication to give Myloh a better chance that an intussusception won’t happen again, and he said: “The way I do it they don’t come back.” Well what the heck does that mean? There was no clear answer. He wouldn’t say yes or no. I should have asked again but it was kind of weird and uncomfortable. I hadn’t known him long so I felt like I would be insulting him by questioning his knowledge. I didn’t want him mad at me and take it out on my dog that was under his care and needed to be hospitalized there for a week! (As time passed I became brave and asked anything, but found out that Dr. Mehanovic didn’t like answering my questions.) He was always very vague. Trying to get a clear answer from him was impossible. SURGERY 1 December 29th 2013 Hospitalized until January 5th 2013 THE FIRST SIGNS OF TROUBLE When I came to get Myloh 5 days later was the first sign of trouble, but definitely not the last. THE BILL WAS ALMOST DOUBLE THE AMOUNT WE AGREED ON BEFORE SURGERY! The front desk the women argued with me and were telling me that I had to pay the entire amount or they were keeping my dog until I did! I had the amount of money we agreed on, but that wasn’t good enough for them. I told them Dr. Mehanovic said it was okay before the surgery but they didn’t care. They argued with me until I started crying. I told them I wasn’t leaving without Myloh so they went to get Dr. Mehanovic. He came to the front desk smiling at me and at the clients in the lobby, and led me into a back room. I was already crying because of the front desk’s great customer service skills. I had never been apart from Myloh, not even an overnight, and it had almost been over a week! I wanted to go see him but I know my dog… and mentally he would have been tortured by seeing me come and then go again…leaving him there. I had brought Myloh’s brother Maxx with me that day. He had been very depressed without him so I thought it would be a wonderful surprise. Everyday that passed while Myloh was in the hospital Maxx spent his time looking out different windows. He kept going back and forth between the 2 big windows. I felt SO bad for him. He had no spirit and he looked sad and “empty”. “Maxx, January 2013, waiting by windows everyday for Myloh to come home.” THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS Since this wonderful and polite vet knew the amount we had agreed upon prior to the surgery I thought he was leading me to the back to tell me we could work out payment arrangements, and tell me I could take Myloh home. I COULDN’T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG – MY 3 MONTH NIGHTMARE WAS ABOUT TO BEGIN IN THAT ROOM! Within seconds Dr. Mehanovic was yelling at me about a foot away from my face about money. He was so mad that his spit hit my face at one point. Your probably asking yourself WHY did I just stand there and take his lashing? BECAUSE HE HAD MY DOG – I WAS AT HIS MERCY – AND HE KNEW IT! I WAS AFRAID THAT MY DOG WAS GOING TO HAVE TO STAY THERE WITH THIS LUNATIC SO I HAD TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT! Not much shocks me these days, but I was SHOCKED. I’m still shocked. Was this the same guy I first met? This is the guy I left my dog with for a week? This is the guy with all the great 5 star reviews about how “compassionate and understanding” he is? The same guy who claims “it’s all about the animals”all over the internet? Later I learned he doesn’t even OWN a pet! Dr. Mehanovic quoted in the Northwest Herald : “It’s not about the money it’s the care you provide” If he cared anything about animals he wouldn’t have been playing games and denying me to take Myloh home to be comfortable instead of stuffed in a crate until I paid everything he wanted even though we had already agreed on a “price”. While Myloh was being hospitalized I mentioned to Dr. M during a phone call that MAXX WAS HORRIBLY DEPRESSED! HOW CRUEL IS THAT. NOW MY OTHER DOG IS GOING TO SUFFER WITHOUT HIS BROTHER OVER MONEY! THAT’S NOT CARING ABOUT EITHER ONE OF MY ANIMALS! If he cared anything about people he would have at least explained to me why he was trying to CHARGE ME ALMOST TWICE AS MUCH the amount we AGREED upon. Source: Northwest Herald He looks like a natural while holding someone else’s dog. Wouldn’t the average person think they hit the vet jackpot with this guy? Sure they would. Why? Because he is an expert at putting on a good act. SO HERE’S THIS INSENSITIVE *** LASHING OUT AT ME WITH HIS SPIT HITTING MY FACE DURING HIS RANT: scary smiley photo: scary flirt 121fs725372.gif “I SAVED YOUR DOG’S LIFE – WHAT ABOUT ME?” I told him I had the amount we agreed on and asked him if I could pay the rest later. “Oh… LATER. You want to pay me LATER? I’ll go tell my staff that I can’t pay them because you can’t pay until LATER.” He then pretended he was holding a phone and said, “Mortgage company…I can’t pay you because this girl can’t pay me until LATER! Between my tears, his spit and trying to figure out what kind of *** I had landed in, I took my phone out of my purse. I was going to try to call someone who could possibly help me pay the other half of this new surprise “double bill”. MEHANOVIC STOPPED HIS RANT WHEN I PULLED OUT MY PHONE! “Oh…YOU have a nice phone but you can’t pay ME? You have a NICE PHONE and I use an old flip phone!” angry smiley photo: Angry smiley-angry.gif (Yeah…AND my NICE PHONE has a nice recording application!) I told him he could HAVE my phone and he said: “What am I going to do with your phone now that it’s your number?” (That answer implies that he would have accepted the offer and have taken my phone if he was aware that people can change cell phone numbers) I couldn’t believe this was happening. Where was the nice, polite, friendly, smiling vet I first met? He yelled a few more minutes basically saying the same things over and over. Finally he walked out of the room and I followed him to the front desk. I was still crying but he’s smiling and nodding at the crowd. I was beginning to feel like a chump who had fallen for the oldest trick in the book, not believing this could even be the same guy. He is SUCH a good actor! I was there OVER A DOZEN TIMES and noticed he has this bizarre little ritual he does. He escorts you out of the room after your appointment and into the lobby. He says goodbye and thanks you for coming, and he puts his hands together in the “prayer position” and slightly BOWS as if he’s trying to show ALL the people in the lobby how “humbled” he is. MELODRAMATIC ***-PEOPLE FALL FOR THIS! I DID! bowing smileys photo: bowing bowing.gif So after putting me through all of that humiliation, Mehanovic finally led me to the front desk and told the FRONT DESK VIPERS that I could make payment arrangements to pay the balance between the original estimate and the actual bill. After doing that they released Myloh to me. BUT…before I left I noticed a lump on the back of Myloh’s neck that was about the size of a golf ball. When I asked about it the front desk women were annoyed, rolling their eyes. I asked if someone could please look at the lump. One of the women stomped off to grab a vet tech. The tech came in the lobby. She bent down and touched it and said that sometimes an injection can cause a lump but it will go away. I later found out from another vet at Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic that he had a reaction from penicillin, however they kept giving him injections at the same site while being hospitalized for nearly a week! I don’t know how anyone could have overlooked this! Dr. Mehanovic must be too SWAMPED to notice things like LUMPS THE SIZE OF GOLF BALLS. He claims he has 10,000 customers in an article in the Northwest Herald Newspaper. And now 2014 he opened another clinic in Lake Villa IL. The mass was getting bigger and bigger so I went back to the clinic several times, and each time Mehanovic kept telling me it was “fine” and it would go away. Many of these visits are not even recorded. Their sign in sheet doesn’t match my calendar. Each of “those” visits he spent less than 5 minutes with us. No chart, no thermometer, no papers…he never had anything but a stethoscope! My answer to your big question “Why did you keep going back there?” One of the reasons is because of the short time frame of an emergency. He is 24/7 and in this area there are no close 24/7 vets, but they are at LEASE an hour away. Another reason is because he’s the one who operated on my dog so I believed HE knew what went wrong. Another reason is because they wouldn’t release my records and without them I would have had to start all over again, paying for new x-rays, new tests etc. (I HAVE NOW LEARNED THERE ARE NO RECORDS OF MY DOGS ENTIRE HOSPITAL STAY OF 8 DAYS) At that time I didn’t know it was a violation of Illinois vet board statute to withhold records because of a balance owed, and I was paying the amount due for each of the other appointments. (The balance on the first “double billed” surgery was still owed and payment arrangements were made). Another reason is because they have free rechecks (what a hoax) At most of the rechecks Myloh needed an antibiotic or something else I had to buy from him. Myloh kept needing rechecks on what ended up being 3 surgeries in 3 months. Two of them needed to be done A.S.A.P and within less than 20 hours apart and both the result of Dr. Mehanovic’s negligence. My dog was “Mehano-victimized” and at that point I didn’t know it. And without records, they were the only ones who knew what procedures they had or had not done during the surgeries performed, and I believed since they took care of him they would know what could possibly be wrong. I FELT STUCK THERE. BUT LITTLE DID I KNOW I COULD HAVE JUST LEFT BECAUSE MY RECORDS HAD NO TESTS OR RESULTS ON THEM ANYWAYS! I also THOUGHT he had done pre-surgical blood work, and most importantly tests on the fecal samples I had brought during some follow up visits. I thought they would be more knowledgeable about Myloh’s condition because they had been the ones treating him. In other words: I WAS STILL TRUSTING THESE PEOPLE LIKE SO MANY PEOPLE TRUST VETS THEY SHOULDN’T BE TRUSTING. MORE BAD NEWS Within a week the mass on Myloh’s neck was almost as big as a cantaloupe. I went back just like I had been doing at least once a week! The good news was that I didn’t have to see Mehanovic. Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic is a “no appointment necessary” chop shop and there are 2 other vets who work there. On the sign-in sheet I chose “next available” so I got one of the other vets that work in Mehanovic’s clinic. She looked at this “HUGE MASS” and said that she was so sorry it got out of control like this because now has to be surgically removed, she also told me that lumps like that are painful and that Myloh was surely uncomfortable. I wasn’t surprised this other vet said the lump had to be surgically removed. Then I asked her “Why wouldn’t they have stopped injecting him at that spot since there was a re-action and mass that you can see and feel?” this vets EXACT words were: “Ya’d think!” This made me so upset and so angry because at one of the visits with Dr. Do Little when I came in because the lump is getting bigger I asked if the mass was causing Myloh any pain. And as usual he didn’t say yes or no, but instead he FACETIOUSLY started POKING the APPLE SIZED MASS and said: “See…it doesn’t bother him.” WHAT A CREEP. SURGERY 2 I was unbelievably scared. Myloh just had the intussusception surgery 2 weeks ago, and now he had to have surgery AGAIN to remove this now HUGE mass. Which was due to Mehanovic’s incompetence by ignoring that the mass was getting bigger by the week and kept telling me it was FINE. It was in and out same day surgery, which I found strange because of the size of it. But the front desk called and told me I needed to pick him up. When I picked Myloh up, his back looked UNBELIEVABLY DISGUSTING! SURGERY 2 JANUARY 15th 2013 There was “meat” protruding between the stitches of a completely crooked looking incision, he had 2 drains in him, and the drains were leaking more than they should have been. I knew something wasn’t right. In fact ANYONE who could see this would know this was not okay, but I was told it was “FINE” once AGAIN. (If I had a dollar for every time I heard that word the at this place!) So…I didn’t know what to do.Throw a fit and argue? Demand they put him under AGAIN to fix it? The clinic was pass closing time. Dr. Mehanovic had apparently left for Florida and I’m being told that everything’s “FINE” even though my dog’s back looked like a 3 year old cut him open and tried to stitch him up! It was deja-vu, just like when he kept telling me the MASS was “FINE” until it got so big it had to be removed! I carried Myloh to the car and went home, and when I opened the door there was a a lot of blood all over the back seat of the car. I carried Myloh into the house and wiped him up as best as I could, and put him on my bed to rest. He was still really “woozy” from the anesthesia. Myloh’s brother Maxx went and laid by him on my bed. Soon afterwards I heard licking sounds, so I went to peek in on them, and there was BRIGHT RED BLOOD SPURTING OUT OF DRAINS AND THE HOLES EVERYWHERE. A massive amount of blood. This is my mattress and box spring where Myloh was laying after Surgery 2 to remove the mass from his neck. This picture was taken after I tried to soak some up with towels. It soaked down through the mattress. JANUARY 15th 2013 I grabbed the phone and called Dr. Mehanovic’s 24/7 cheap FLIP PHONE as he calls it. (BTW – He said the reason why he doesn’t have any animals is because he always wants to be there for us because he considers our animals as his pets – I fell for that too!). Mehanovic answered the phone and told me he was in Florida. With the time difference, he said something about it being midnight there, and he didn’t say it nicely, he was clearly annoyed and didn’t try to hide it. My house looked like a murder scene. I had nowhere I could get to fast. The nearest Animal Hospital equipped to take care of something like this was far enough away that I believed Myloh would die before I got there. If I had known Mehanovic was not going to be around, and the other 2 doctors there couldn’t be called, I would have waited until he was back in case there was an emergency. Not that Dr. Mehanovic was going to end up being any kind of help in the long run anyhow! I was panicked on the phone, anyone would be, and Mehanovic told me to “BE QUIET”, and said he was going to try to tell me how to save my dog’s life. He was telling me to rip up a towel or a shirt, and wrap it around my dog really tight. I did this, but all I could think of was MY DOG COULD BE BLEEDING INTERNALLY WHICH MEANS IN TIME HE WILL DIE WHETHER THE BLOOD COMES OUT FAST OR SLOW, AND A SHIRT TIED AROUND HIM ISN’T GOING TO CUT IT! He told me there’s nothing else he could do because he was in Florida. As matter of fact he didn’t sound worried at all or like he cared. AND Dr. Mehanovic never at any time made a referral to an emergency vet nor indicated that Myloh needed an emergency vet. With that we both ended the call. I got on the computer and finally found a vet who was willing to meet me at another clinic in a nearby town that claimed to be 24/7 and are equipped for emergencies. But when we arrived he wrapped a gauze bandage around Myloh and told me to get him back to Wonder Lake Vet Clinic as soon as possible, saying he wasn’t equipped to do surgery. And then billed me $275 for what was basically like a big band-aid. I believe that this vet didn’t want anything to do with the *** job done on Myloh! He didn’t even want to attempt to go there! SURGERY 3 I stayed up watching Myloh every second making sure he was breathing. He curled up next to me so tightly it was like he was trying to burrow underneath me. Mehanovic was in Florida so in the morning I saw the same vet that had originally told me the mass needed to be removed. This vet told me that they were going to have to open him up AGAIN to see where the bleeding was coming from. Myloh JUST had Surgery 2 less than 20 hours ago and he would have to try to survive Surgery 3 now! How much can his poor 2.5 year old body take! Thinking about having to survive another round of anesthesia was devastating. If he wasn’t so young I don’t think he would have made it through this. After all we had been through, and the fact I was still keeping up with paying current visits and had a payment plan amount due for the Surgery 1 DOUBLE BILL that I had to pay soon so I was concerned about money, and after the $275.00 “ER” visit the night before I was really worried about this money thing because of how Mehanovic traumatized me once before about money. So I asked this other vet if I was going to be charged again for a third surgery, and I was told that it was unlikely, BUT if I was charged she said she had it added to my existing payment agreement. I was grateful for that and left Myloh in that vet’s care, and thanking GOD that Dr. Mehanovic was at least 1000 miles away. This other vet was the only pleasant part of this ENTIRE Wonder Lake Vet Clinic nightmare and I will always be grateful for the kindness and honesty she had showed me. FRONT DESK NIGHTMARE About 5 hours later I got a call from the front desk telling me surgery was done and to come and get Myloh. Let me pause here to tell you that the staff at Wonder Lake Vet Clinic are crabby, mean, over worked old hags. I can honestly say all of the negative remarks in reviews about the front desk women are very true. They are SO UNORGANIZED, SO RUDE, even the VET TECHS leave a lot to be desired as well! Whoever kept injecting my dog during his hospitalization look at the pictures of what YOU WERE A BIG PART OF IN MAKING MYLOH SUFFER! Even if the QUACK you work for didn’t see this lump. a trained vet tech would have SURELY noticed. What I heard next was the beginning of my education on how vets AND their staffs often blame the VICTIMS: I WAS TOLD ON THAT PHONE CALL THAT THAT I MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO MYLOH TO MAKE HIM BLEED INTERNALLY! I have since found out that many, many vets AND their staffs do this to shift the blame away from them onto the pet owner. SURGERY 3 JANUARY 16th 2013 When I got there, they of course wanted MORE MONEY. I realize that vets have to make a living and nothing is FREE, but I told them that the other vet TOLD ME before the surgery that IF there was a charge, this vet would see to it that it would be added to the existing payment arrangement. (We are talking a few hundred dollars here) One of the front desk women said that no vet at Wonder Lake other than Dr. Mehanovic had the right to tell any client anything having to do with costs because they “don’t OWN the clinic.” The front desk insisted I pay, telling me once AGAIN that if I didn’t pay they wouldn’t give me Myloh. After arguing back and forth, the front desk clan went to a back office to get Mehanovic’s wife, Elizabeth Mehanovic. GETTING MYLOH OUT AND A DISGUSTING DISCOVERY While they went to get Old Lady Mehanovic, I took it upon myself to go in the back and get Myloh myself! There was one vet tech who was coming from behind me yelling: “STOP YOU CAN’T GO BACK THERE”…but I just ignored her. The room I went and got Myloh out of was the room they put pre-op and post-op animals in. It was GROSS! It had these animals in crates that were too small. A few dog’s were walking around in urine, ***, and vomit. I couldn’t avoid stepping in to get to Myloh and the girl went and got a mop. Just thinking that may be the place they kept Myloh for nearly a week I felt like I was going to vomit! I can’t imagine being a dog waking up from anesthesia in that environment. I would think they would have a separate room for the before and after surgeries so the pets can AT LEAST have a peaceful and SANITARY place to wake up in. That’s if you’re lucky enough that your pet even wakes up at all! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? (and who’s dog is that?) DR. MEHANOVIC STRIKES-A-POSE…SAY CHEESE! (Who would expose someone’s pet like this?) SO…BACK TO THE FRONT DESK Elizabeth Mehanovic was mad that I had went in back to get Myloh and now had him on a leash and in my possession because they were going to keep him. They were closing CHOP-SHOP. BUT this vile woman argued with me about money for a good 30 minutes. She repeatedly told me I could not leave with my dog. And I repeatedly told her I was going to leave with my dog. Finally I just said her: “Add it to my payment arrangement plan like I was told it would be before surgery”….and then left. The vet techs at Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic include a 16 year old who I personally spoke with. I saw this girl who appeared to be very young, so I started a conversation with her at one of my last visits. She told me she was 16, and she wants to be a vet. I asked her what kind of things she does there, and she said everything. Knowing what my dog has been looking like after surgeries, I asked her if she gets to assists Dr. Mehanovic with surgeries and she said yes. I felt my stomach sink. Could she have been the one who had no idea what she was doing and did that awful “stitch work”? question smiley photo: question signqtb9.gif MORE PROBLEMS FOR MYLOH The last week in March 2013 – Myloh was having another problem. there was a little lump forming on his neck near where the original lump was. It was just above where he was shaved so I called Dr. Mehanovic and he asked me if I could meet him at the clinic the following morning at 8:30 even though they were closed to the public. I was glad that he was going to make t

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Brooke Franzman

Hello and welcome. When working with children, adolescents, and adults my focus is to draw on you or your child’s strengths to help


We bought a waterproof drone from gear fun for $109 and they send a 10 dollar one not working and not waterproof what i found the company

Ernie Reilly

Dr. Reilly is a Licensed Therapist, Child Therapist, Play Therapist, Adolescent Counselor, Adult Counselor, Family Therapist, Co-parent

My Precious Poms

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Richard A Hoffman

I often work with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. I have 30+ years of experience, and feel comfortable with

Pet Food Center

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