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Published: 28 March 2020

Posted by: Deanna Scarbrough

1/11/2019 To whom it may concern Hi, my mother and I are/ were regular customers at yanchep Woolworths and today as we were at the checkout the lady serving us was very rude to my mother. What happened is My mum started moving stuff around on the belt so she could pull out the cold stuff to be scanned and packed in the cold bag, when the lady behind the register told mum to “stop doing that, I can do it, leave it” in a rude way. My mother then told her that she was only trying to help her. The lady then continued on saying the same thing over which caused my mum to become upset and then she started saying that my mum was rude to her and then proceeded to argue even further with my mum. After my mum had left to go report to the store manager about the incident, I was still at the same checkout paying for my shopping (which was seperate) and the whole time I was standing there, the lady behind the register was just [censored]ing about my mum to the customer behind me. Very unprofessional! The store manager apologised and said he would sort it now, and my mother and I left the store, so I don”t know how and if it was sorted in the end. Also, the deli section of the same store never has any staff available for serving, and when there is someone behind the deli, they always seem to see a customer and then quickly disappear in the back, for a bit leaving customers standing there waiting to be served, then they come back out to serve after 5 min or so. The store also NEVER has any stock on the shelves they are always sold out of everything. I am not happy with the way my mother has been treated by the staff at your yanchep store and because of it, you have now lost 2 customers as we will be giving our business to Coles and IGA from now on and also be telling our friends and family to boycott your yanchep store. From a very annoyed and upset EX customer

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