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Published: 28 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously Theatre ticket Scam On tuesday Feb 25, 2014 I purchased 2 tickets totaling $172.00 ($86.00 x 2) to the Motown musical for friday 4/25/14 through The receipt states that my tickets would be shipped within 1-3 weeks prior to the event. I allowed a month to pass before calling the company to inquire about my tickets and I was told they will be mailed a week before the event so I waited. Fastforward it’s Monday 4/21/14 my mother receives an envelope from workadvan with an invoice for my order but No tickets. So both my mother and I make separate calls to and we were given two different stories. My mother was told that the tickets must’ve gotten lost in the mail or maybe she received it and lost them. She insisted that the envelope only contained an invoice with no tickets. I was told that the tickets would be at the door and not to worry. Thursday arrives and I become nervous because I had a hunch something was wrong. So both my mother and I call again on separate calls. This time we were both told not to worry the tickets will be at the door and since I ordered them in my mother’s name, all she needed was to present her ID. My mother even went as far as to ask for the seat numbers of which the rep gave no answer. All the more raising our suspicion that we were being scammed. Friday arrives and I am at work and around 10am I receive a call from an 800 number. Because I am at work I could not answer. I get a second call an hour later and I still could not answer at work. I get a voicemail from someone named Kate asking if I found my tickets (which was NEVER mailed) and to call to confirm that my mom will be the person of contact at the door and she will call the venue. So on break I returned the call and spoke to a rep at workadvan who told me the tickets will be at the door. Fastforward some time after 5pm my mother texts form the theatre saying there are no tickets in her name not only that but the clerk at the Lunt-Fontanne theater said that workingadvantage buys bulk tickets and tends to sell more tickets then they actually have. I immediately called them but now they are closed. I called saturday and a rep named Julie tells me that I was supposed to answer those missed calls to confirm my tickets, since I lost my originals, so they were cancelled because I didn’t answer. I told her that neither I or my mother ever received any tickets in the mail and if this was the policy, why didn’t any of the previous reps I spoke to made me aware of that? Why also did they lie and tell me not to worry my tickets will be at the door? And if they have adequate customer correspondence record keeping they would see how many times I called to state I didn’t receive tickets and was told by their reps not to worry the tickets will be at the door? At this point the rep was stumped for words and had no rebuttal. Only “I’ll have my manager call you monday or you can call back monday, there’s nothing that I could do”. Monday comes and Kate calls me. We agreed that she did leave a voicemessage friday but once again like a robot she said “since you lost your tickets” of which I made it clear that I never received any tickets. She couldn’t give me any exact seat numbers which makes me very suspicious if there ever were any tickets set aside for us. She said she will see if they can reissue me tickets for anytime the following week. But instead on friday May 2nd I get an email from Julie Felton stating that the Box office will not reissue a post dated event unless the customer has the tickets. She closed the letter by asking me to call her if I have found my tickets. I now realize the constant reference to me “finding my tickets” is likely their way of covering their tracks in the event of litigation. They make no acknowledgment either verbally or written that the customer states he/she never received the tickets. I emailed her but got no response. So I called and the gentleman I spoke to, like a robot, tells me that because I could not find my tickets they will not issue me a refund. He also asked why did I wait so long to call. I asked him if they did good record keeping he would see how many times I’ve called and how many times I’ve stated that I never received any tickets and that I am going to the press with this story. He put me on hold and never returned. To summarize my nightmare, I am out of $175 with No regard or acknowledgment of my prior calls stating that I did not receive tickets. No mention of seating which would verify if there ever were any tickets for us. No acknowledgment of their reps telling us not to worry the tickets will be at the door (NOT in the mail). If they mailed me tickets as they stated, why the purpose of the confirmation phone call the day of? I know this letter was long but there were no short cuts when explaining my horrible ordeal with I did a search online and found that I was not alone in my experience with them. Others tell a very similar story regarding either theatre tickets or sports event tickets. All of our tickets seem to vanish in the mail. Some people were told they were sent replacements which even those were never received. Proof they’ve done this before .

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