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Published: 29 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have my timeshare up with a listing company to rent out my unused time. I got a call last week from a gentleman stating they had a buyer for my timeshare and they knew it was for resale on the internet. I didnt mention that I was only paying to have it rented and I wasnt interested in selling because I wanted to hear what he had to say. The gentleman, whose name escapes me (I think it was a Mathew or Mitchel) said that they had someone who wanted to buy my timeshare for more than I paid for it and that they were a broker who could facilitate the sale. In order for me to do this however I had to send him over 2k dollars for a title search. Here is the kicker, they wanted me to send them a cashiers check, lol. I thought in my head, why dont I just send you cash instead. Anyway, I had them email me a copy of the contracts, which they did through a e-signature servcice. There are so many typos and spelling errors in the contract it is comical. They did not even have my city spelled correctly. It also says that I will be reimbursed the 2k some odd dollars at the time of sale. Then why am I paying this then I thought? Anyway, too many redflags so I did some research based off the information on the company. I found that the address on the contract, 230 East Monument Ave Suite C, Kissimmee, Fl 34741, is registered to a World Mark Wholesale & Trade LLC in Kissimmee, FL. But I also found two other current companies operating out of the same suite but with a different owner. The other two companies who share suite C are S&L Vacations, LLC (also registered in florida through and Pro Travelers. I find that odd that 3 companies with two different owners are under the same address and suite and all of them are new companies. I could understand if the company was a previous tenent but all of these companies are less than a year old from what I read and are still active with the State of Florida. Bottom line is this company wants me to mail them a check for a Title Search and they are not even a title company or broker and are not licensed anywhere from what I could find online. After reviewing other experiences with other owners who paid companies closing costs and title search fees online and all the inconsitencies my laywer said that without a doubt this company is fraudulent. I also contacted the State of Florida’s Attorney Generals Office and have mailed them a copy of the contract that was emailed to me. I hope all of this none sense stops and someone can get rid of all these jokers. God Bless and Please Do Your Due Diligence when contacted by people like this. .

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