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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I used to play at gaming and casino sites on the internet and I had well enough money to do so. It costme a fortune and now Im realizing after returning online after being off for several years what I fool I was.I enjoyed pogo they had unusual games and you always thought youd win the big one. well I had one sign on for that. Then there was worldwinner at which site the games were more skilled but they took your money like it was water and there was no way to win anything you just basically payed them to play their games. I spent a slight fortune and going through my statements i often noticed billing activity which was far more than I had logged in my journals. I did notify them. Recently I came back online I am not financially stable anymore so I wanted to play some fun sites just to enjoy myself so I found GSN. Much to my surprise they allowed me to deposit and believe me they milked me for a few bingo games 4 and 5 bucks for an extra ball to win nothing but useless tokens. I clicked on the link play for real realizing if Im paying to play Id rather have a shot at money.. Well when the world winner thing came up i typed in my name with them first they said i had multiple accounts of course i did pogo was one worldwinner and then gsn. i wrote them they ignored me then I got annoyed recalling all i spent with them. I wrote them again and they explained ,my account was closed due to fraud i asked them to explain as i never committed fraud. I now believe they are as my gut told me no good and they are the fraudulent ones for stealing our money for years. Get them Banned and i dont respect GSN for affiliating with them. When are all these sites going to stop just trying to take our hard earned cash and give us what we pay for a chance to really win. They are all thieves out there and they make it so its impossible to walk away with anything. . Thank you for your site I have alot to complain about so I may be a regular face around here. I used several deposit methods I had several accounts and numerous ways to pay at that time and it seemed they hit them all with excessive billing that i could never prove but like i said I was obsessed with the games like scrabble cubes and such. .

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