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PLEASE AVOID WUNDERKIND!!! They are going to ruin your kid!

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Kids are hard to tackle if they are not allowed to play or explore. Being a protective parent is good but sometimes your child needs to be out for a couple of hours. Different people have started day care centers and with advancements, these day care centers have taken the next step. There are centers for kids and parents where both generations can hang out and spend some good and stress releasing time. This sounds good but some people start such centers with the aim of earning money only. They do not care about the child’s health, growth or anything else. All they know is making money. The list of such centers is growing with every day passing by and you can see the name Wunderkind in the list too. With my experience with Wunderkind, I can guarantee that it is one of such places.
Wunderkind is supposed to be a place for kids and parents to spend a few hours without any hassle, in a good environment. According to them, they provide the perfect place for parents to spend some quality time and meet new people. The false marketing done by these people is just unbelievable. It was a big mistake to trust Wunderkind with my kids.
Cleanliness is really important especially to kids as they can be easily attacked by deadly germs. Wunderkind has a very unhygienic environment. And I’m not the only one who has noticed this problem, many others have reported bad environment which resulted in health problems with their children. Not only kids but parents have been through a lot of such problems too. If you are planning to attract more customers, the first thing you need to be sure about is a good and clean environment. Unfortunately, cleanliness is the major reason behind Wunderkind’s bad reputation. They not only have less number of toys but the toys they have are extremely dangerous for the kids. One time my boy pierced his arm with one of the toys, it was so bad that I had to go to the ER. During the growing age, it is important to teach children everything good and avoid giving them toys that can be a source of bad games or violence. But ofcourse Wunderkind staff does not give a fuck about the welfare of the kids, they just want to count the money!
Setting up an environment for both parents and kids is easy but there should be rules for the parents. Kids should be allowed to have some open-air but the parents should be made clear to keep the environment healthy. A single mom went there with her son to spend some quality time and to know some new people. But somehow she ran into an argument with a couple. Instead of calming the situation, the management fanned the flame and the situation became even worse. Just because of this argument, a lot of parents had to leave with their kids. Obviously, nobody wants their child to learn bad words and behavior.
Good management, clean environment, and better customer relationship is something that is not a priority for Wunderkind. Be sure about the centers you choose for your child.

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