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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We all know how Wyndham preys on aged retirees to peddle their worthless timeshare points – but there is an even more devious method to their madness. Wyndham is getting all of their owners to trade-in their deeded timeshares for CWA timeshare points, enabling Wyndham to fleece the same owners yet again. Under the new points regime, Wyndham can dilute owners buying power at will by charging more and more to stay at their resorts, and by renting out the same points/resorts (theirby competing with the timesahre owners). Under a points only system, Wyndham can over sell every resort like its printing its own money. As a result, owners find it harder and harder to get a reservation at a prime resort. To add insult to injury, once Wyndham takes back your deeded timeshare, they no longer have to give you due process before repossessing your property. Without the protections of the foreclosure process, Wyndham can now just push a button and turn off your account for anything – from nonpayment of dues to complaining. Owners need to rise up and stop this greedy company! .

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