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Published: 19 April 2019

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Michael Smythe and Roger Vamplew are “founders” of Ximiti. They “hire” EVPs, who are supposed to in turn, hire District Managers, Area Managers, and people to call on local businesses. smythe is involved in the following companies: Ximiti Retail, Ximiti Financial, InnoFost, GrowYourNet, and Glenmount Capital. Smythe offers shares in his business, which he claims will pay dividends of “well over” $20 per share, in a matter of months because it’s supposedly all ready to launch. He continually spouts about the $420 billion dollars in ximitis bank account” when this launches. This statement started in April. As of Jan 2015, NOTHING is ready, there is no App, and the website is not clear. one EVP tried paying by credit card but conveniently theatre were problems with the payment. If it were processed, it would have been returned as this is fraud. One other credit card payment previously made was returned for this reason for another “employee”. since may 2014 when this App was “almost done”, he has changed the focus of the business daily, whereby he announces “innovations”, including selling advertising space for a print book that he will hire people to deliver door to door in a 5,000 household radius. He has accepted money for this from real estate people and has not delivered their catalogue as of Jan 2015. he came up with a scam to take $15840 from “partners” to open regional depots for an on-line store. He has no products in this store, and no means to buy the inventory as the company has no money and owes over $250,000 in debts including landlords and utilities. he has blamed the lack of success on the 9 EVPs, whom he hired and scammed. Some of the EVPs were given employment letters, offering monthly income guaranteed. When the payments were due, he would write a cheque from his “sister company” 2hippos. Each and every time, they were returned NSF. To the best of our knowledge, as of jan 2015, he has issued in excess of 15 NSF cheques in less than 4 months! Then comes the sob story, asking you to have faith and hang in; all the while sucking your expertise and connections to test his schemes. Not ONE of his EVPs has been fully paid, and everyone has either quit or is hanging around hoping some miracle will happen. He hired an autistic gentleman under 2hippos to deliver flyers, got lots of great press out if it, and as of Jan 2015 owes this poor guy money from June, July, august, September and October! He he is now looking to hire 21 (!) EVPs to run the various districts. This is to warn you that YOU WILL NOT GET PAID! he bounced cheques on telemarketers, 2 chief marketing officers, some legal type dude, the chief development officer, at least 4 EVPs, his landlord, the creative team, and who knows how many other suppliers. But here’s the worst part- it’s not the first time! Check out Glenmount Capital and Michael Smythe on line. Looks like this guy makes a profession and a living out of taking people’s time and money. During this Ximiti scam, three people have come close to losing their homes because of their understanding of the legal employment they thought they had, and others have lost lots of money in shares and unpaid expenses. we write this so that you can be informed. We wish that someone had warned us. These are all verifiable facts, and there is at least one active legal action going on with four more pending. Use your best judgement folks. He is very persuasive, he is good at painting a promising picture, and apparently will put his lies in writing. The EVPs that were here are well educated, professionals, so don’t think we were fools. We are guilty only of believing that this man and his buddy Roger Vamplew have morals. Trust us: they lie directly to your face and in writing. they attack you if you question them. They tell you they can’t pay you because you haven’t done your job. Again, trust us: Everyone did EVERYTHING we could that was legal. Don’t put your name on any contract with this company. You may end up in a legal mess. .

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