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Published: 16 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a first time author and well maybe a bit nieve, but that is no excuse to be scammed by Xlibris. I paid to have my manuscript edited, my cover designed and my book promoted. Basicly I paid for the whole package. After the editing was done they had me sign off and like magic it was printed and sent to me. I was so excited I called and ordered my 80 free books and paid $100 to have them shipped to me. I showed the book to my mother who pointed out the 3 errors on the back cover to me. Then she started reading and discovered numberous mistakes in the editing. I was horiffied and called to have the shipment stopped but was informed that it was too late, So I recieved my boxes of errors ridden books. When I called to complain I had to fight to get the book re-edited. Which they did eventually agree was paid for and not done. So a year later I am on my 3rd round of editing and they still won’t give me my 80 free books of properly edited books that I have been promised. To make matters worse I purchase 3 packages to put my books into actual stores which I was promised by their marketing guy Nick Heralds that my books would be in stores in no time at all. Come to find out that each campaign runs for 3 months at a cost of 3-4 thousand dollars each and there is no guarentee that my books will be picked up by any one. Each campaign entitles my book to be pitched to 25 stores only and that there is deffinetly no guarentee. Plus when I asked for a copy of the packet that they claim is being sent to the stores I was told that they don’t provide that to the authors. Then when I asked for a copy of the list of stores spacificly that these packets were sent to I was told that they did not provide this information to the Authors. Then when I pitched a fit and demanded that I be privy to this information or I would bring a law suit against them because I paid for , I wthe campaigns, I was told that the legal department would be in touch with me in 24-48 hours.I still haven’t heard from them and it has been 3 days. Then I started asking spacific questions about the PR guy they assigned me and that cost me $6,000. I was given some pat and somewhat vauge answer. So that is that. Is there anyone who has a good lawyer willing to take my case on? .

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