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Published: 30 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

A few months ago I went to xsport fitness to get a year membership & I did my payment I full. With that they told me that since I was a brand new member to the gym they would give me a free personal trainer session. I went the next day to get started, they knew I was there to tone up my body not really to loose weight. I did my session with the personal trainer Robert at Elmhurst, It was very intense & I was throwing up so I told him to stop for the day. He then continued to talk about if I wanted the personal trainer & I told him no because I have a very heavy job that requires me to lift & be on my feet all day plus nursing school ontop of that. i have been to the hospital these past few years because my back is not able to take that much training. So then he mentioned that if I wanted to tone up and see results that I should atleast signed up for 4 training session for $135 because that was the special going on. I had gone to the washroom again cus I felt sick & told him I would think about it because I wasn’t feeling good that day & had to check if I would be able to afford it. He then said that if I atleast wanted to get the paperwork ready so If I wanted it to go in or give him a call & tell him! I said yes to getting the paperwork started, but little did I know it was a contract he had me signed. I tried to contact xsport & they will always put me on hold & or tell me he was busy with a training session when I saw that xsport had taken money from my bank account! I then went in & asked him why he did that & all he said was he was sorry miscommunication. I never have him the okay to process that contract! When I last saw him I told him I would personally go in and let him know if I wanted the 4 training sessions or not. He then gave me the card to call & cancel. I then sent out a letter from my doctor & so I called again letting them know I wanted to cancel they said they couldn’t do that, they could only freeze my accounts this is a fraud, first off he didnt process a contract for 4 training session but for 12!! He changed the paperwork & I never got a copy of my contract either! As a nursing student I wouldn’t ever agree to 12 training session due to the fact that I don’t have the time or money for it! Im in a very difficult position because they have about 600 dollars, they have my account frozen & I havent been to contact them! They have my doctors notes & they still can’t cancel my training sessions!

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