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Published: 17 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought a bottle of Xtreme Kleen from a door-to-door salesman on 11/20/14. After trying doing some quick research on the contents, I learned that two of the products it contains are hazardous and banned in the state of California (known to cause cancer). I called the salesman immediately (he left me his mobile no) and he contacted the “chemist” who said there are only “trace” elements of those products and they are extremely safe. I expressed my concern because myself and my daughter both have very sensitive skin and severe asthma (one of the products is known to cause respiratory issues). He convinced me that they were safe and to try them first. I spent the next hour trying the product on various areas and comparing it to items I already own (like GreenWorks) and found Xtreme Kleen to be no better. My hands also broke out in a severe red, itchy rash. Therefore, I sent the below letter “certified, return receipt” the very next day. You will also see from the copies of their own receip that I followed their instructions to the letter for return. They require that you send a letter postmarked no later than the 3rd business day after the sale. I sent mine the very next next day. They state you will receive your refund within 10 business days of their receipt of your request for refund. They signed for the letter I sent on 11/26/14 (I have my confirmation). According to their own terms, I should have a received a full refund by December 11, 2014 (this is 10 business days from 11/26 discounting Thanksgiving). Having had no response, I called them on December 22, 2014 at 1:32 p.m. MST at their customer serivice number and left a voice mail with my first name and my phone number. I got no response. I called again on December 23, 2014 @ 12:13 p.m. and left a second voice mail with my name and phone number advising I was calling in follow-up to the previous voice mail left on December 22, 2014. I sent off an e-mail to them today. However, I don’t expect to hear from them. It seems apparent to me that this company is just an Xtreme Rip-Off. Below is a copy of the letter I sent to them on 11/21/14 certified, return receipt. XTREME CHEMICAL COMPANY 1707 Mimosa Plano, TX 75074 To Whom It May Concern; I am cancelling my purchase of your product on 11/20/14 – Invoice No. 364544, purchased from James Hignite. Mr. Hignite was a most professional salesman and did return to my home to talk me into keeping the product, which I initially agreed to. However, after further research and testing of the product I can no longer support this decision. I find the product to work no better than my Clorox CleanWorks and to contain chemicals I prefer not to have in my home. I tried the higher concentrations for grout and carpet and even a tough long-standing stain in the toilet against my CleanWorks and the CleanWorks actually cleaned as well or better. Also, apparently I have a sensitivity to the product, as after testing on several surfaces at the 10:1 ratio, my hands became extremely dry and have broken out in a red, itchy rash. I did tell Mr. Hignite that was one of my concerns, because myself and my daughter have extremely sensitive skin and are allergic to many products. If this product is not safe enough for me to use without wearing protective gloves (not to mention what might happen if I spilled it on my clothing), then it serves no purpose for me. Also, Mr. Hignite’s big sell was the fact that this product does not leave any residue on your carpet, etc. However, now that I think back on his demonstration on my window, which showed that, after use, the window resisted fogging, I realize this product HAS to leave some type of residue or there would be no resistance to fog or further water deposit buildup as described. I enjoyed meeting Mr. Hignite very much and find him to be very polite and professional. My problem is simply with the fact that this product contains potentially harmful chemicals that I appear sensitive to, and I have strived over past years to convert my home to a “green” home, using plant-based chemical-free products and natural solutions for home and health. Therefore, this cancellation notice is being sent to your “Certified – Return Receipt” on 11/21/14, so there will be no dispute that I met your requirements for a refund. If you wish to have a representative pick up product, you MUST coordinate this with me so that I can be certain that someone will be available when your representative arrives (I will not leave the product outside only to have it disappear and have your company claim it was not picked up by you). I will gladly, at your expense, mail the products back to you if you prefer. You must provide me with a shipping container and the postage must be prepaid by you. I paid cash of $92.00, including tax. This entire amount (including tax) is to be refunded within 10 days of your receipt of this notice as promised on the “NOTICE OF CANCELLATION” on the enclosed form, of which I have retained a copy. Please mail to refund to the above address, which is the same address on the receipt. The “goods” will be in “substantially” as good a condition as received with minimal use and expected wear on the pads I was given (used, of course, to test the product). Please note: this “kit” did not come with the two-sided brush you indicate on your web site, so none will be included with the returned items. I am sorry that your product did not meet my needs. I really wanted it to work, because it is economical in the long run. However, I just cannot justify having a chemical-based cleaner in my home that works no better than the plant-based cleaner I currently use. Additionally, you would definitely increase your market if you offered a “30-day money-back guarantee.” Most reputable companies do. While this would not have helped me, it would definitely encourage others to try your product, knowing they have a more realistic amount of time to test the product.

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