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My kid got beat up on the very first day! I don't recommend

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Published: 11 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A school is a place where your kids learn all the manners about everyday life. They teach the kids how to be humble and well-mannered. They also teach your kids the most important rule of life, the difference between right and wrong. Everything starts at your school. So if your kid is in good hands at the school, she or he will turn into a good individual. They should learn how to manage the real fight in the real world but in a good way.
I have an 11 years old son, and he always wanted to go to a Martial Arts School. I told him that you are not old enough for Martial Arts etc.. But one day he came back from fighting with his class bully. He had scars all over his face. He did put up a good fight but not good enough. That day, I realized that he was old enough for a Good Martial Arts School. He should be able to defend himself. So, I searched online for a Martial Arts School. The nearest one was the Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts And Fitness Center. I went there to see the environment. It was looking not that bad. So I decided to have that facility selected for my son. He was eleven years old then. I paid the full six-month fees in advance because of their policy for newcomers, which I admit was my mistake but I was forced to do so. A newcomer has to pay the six-month fees in advance. It is non-refundable as well. Then I came back home. I was excited that what would he learn on the first day of his Martial Arts School. After the class had finished, I went back to pick him up. He was crying. I went to the instructor and asked what happened? He told me that he got punched by one of the kids in a fight. I got really furious. It was his first day at the place, and these guys put him in a fight with an experienced student. My son did not know anything about Martial Arts. He was left with bruises under his eyes and he was totally terrified of the experience. What kind of lunatic places a new kid in a fight against an experienced one? This just showed me how irresponsible and careless these people are. They want to teach the kids at any cost whether they broke their arm, leg or anything. I don’t want my son to go to this Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts School ever again. I asked them to refund the six-month advance I submitted, but they refused me as its not their policy. As you can see, not only did they made a terrible mistake but they also refused to issue me any refunds. So, please take your kids to somewhere else and just stay away Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts School And Fitness Center!!!

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