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Overpriced nonsensical garbage

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The visit to Xtreme Racing & Entertainment is expensive and has no safety for children.
Karts are slow for riders.
Racers are slow and cause riders to go off track and instructors yell at the slower kart drivers to move off the tracks.
The manager is rude and disrespectful toward customers, at Xtreme Racing & Entertainment you won’t get the services for clients or any positive view from this company.
I spent a few hours there and didn’t enjoy the moments I had. This place has no control over any types of behaviors.
Karts are at different speeds and drivers don’t have control over speed limits.
An annual license for Xtreme Racing & Entertainment is a must for you.
The gear tracks ruined from the faster drivers and the karts don’t have safety belts to feel secure when on the track.
Experienced drivers ride on one side of the track and practice drivers to the opposite side of the track.
The crowded facility and karts on tracks bump into each other making the riding of karts impossible to move without a crash.
I won’t go back to Xtreme Racing & Entertainment. The ill-mannered staff has no respect toward customers.
It was a long wait for buying tickets for kart rides. Riders become aggressive at Xtreme Racing & Entertainment. Employees are rude and don\’t care to give the best customer’s service.
All games overpriced and aren’t worth it to spend your money there. A small track at the center and can’t cater for that many people. At Xtreme Racing & Entertainment I didn’t feel satisfied with the riding of karts in a crowded area.
No good customer’s service and the entertainment isn’t for every age.
Employees at Xtreme Racing & Entertainment don’t show their best attitude toward customers.
I won\’t recommend this entertainment facility to any person of interest, due to the bad services and unpleasantness I got from employees.
It is a tough game and a high price to pay for the short rides. I don’t appreciate the overpriced fairs and the unfriendly employees at Xtreme Racing & Entertainment.
The people in charge of the entertainment center talk disrespectfully to customers.
They treat customers like trash at the center.
I realized customer’s service isn’t a priority at this facility.
Employee’s aggressive talks to customers don’t show respect for customers. and expect customers to feel no power and to take their insults, isn’t what I expected at Xtreme Racing & Entertainment.
This is no place for fun and enjoyment.
I waited for two hours and didn’t get to ride the karts and I didn’t see professionalism nor good characters at this place.
The atmosphere isn\’t warm and friendly and no control over the speeds of karts driven on tracks.
Find another entertainment place this one isn’t worth your time nor money.
Staff members don’t control the kart rides and customers don’t enjoy the rides at Xtreme Racing & Entertainment.
You bumped into and collided into other karts and people in charge don’t care for that. No rules apply in driving karts.
Employees have no qualifications and no trained skills in communication.

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