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Published: 05 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased my 2014 Altima in Feb. brand new. A couple months later I went out of town and parked my car in a parking garage over the weekend. Once I picked up my vehicle I noticed there appeared to be bird droppings on it down the driver side. Once I got it home I washed it twice but the spots were still there. I tried to remove the bulk of the spots with a compound but that didn’t help. I drove my car to the dealership where they advised me the parts were too much for them and it potentially would have to be repainted. The manager of the detail department(who applied the Xzilon coat originally) said it was bird droppings but I doubted it because it was in a parking garage. He said to file a claim with xzilon. So here we go….. I filed a claim and uploaded pictures. The rep replied, asked if I tried to buff it in which I told her “”Yes a buffing compound was used but didnt help as you can see. It wasn’t bird droppings. I’m almost positive it was from a corrosive pipe leaking.”” From that one email and assumption I was completely denied. They denied it because of the photos showing scratches and reason specified by customer rep “”Please review your warranty unfortunately this is not a covered repair. We do not cover corrosive or caustic substances.”” I called and got the same “”pictures and you stated in your email”” excuse. My huge problem with this company are these things. 1. they sell the product which is $1100 and say “”it goes on space ships to get through the atmosphere. With this you don’t ever have to worry about anything(except for about 20 different things which are more than common and they DON’T cover) 2. They make determinations off of photos alone. No one actually comes out and looks at your car like you would think they would. I’ve never had an adjustor just look at pictures of my vehicle and make determinations. 3. What you reply in your emails, which for me was very small 2 sentence responses, are used as determining factors. 4. I told the rep, as well as the supervisor on the phone that I only assumed it was a corrosive pipe and I am not an expert(as I would think they would have to come look at my vehicle and make determinations). I also assume that it won’t rain today, but 3 hours later it did. I assume that tghe sun goes down at 6pm, but it actually went down at 7. Guess my assumptions aren’t always right, but to save them a dollar they will run with it. The supervisor also said(this is true) “”there is no way for a bird to get in a parking garage”” Oh yea because birds don’t have wings or feet to make them mobile. 5. They send nobody out to look at your car physically. That is a poor excuse of a business plan. They get your money, apply the coat and wish you well. So in closing, hopefully you were smarter than I was and actually looked into this company and product you put on your car. They find a loophole, which for me was trying to explain the situation to them to get a solution. But for me the solution was “”we have your money and use our Terms and Conditions of this Limited Warranty , and Limitations/Exclusions”” Pick your words carefully when filing a claim or they will screw you. I don’t get scammed or used by businesses much but this one got me and I will never buy extra protection from them, refer them or acknowledge their business as creditable again. Sucks when you serve this country, come home after being deployed, spend your money on a product and get shafted. Land of opportunity right..? .

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