Yabri Management- Mr. and Mrs. Latif

Yabri Management- Mr. and Mrs. Latif Review

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Published: 19 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If you choose to rent with this husband and wife team, be aware that they like to change the terms of the verbal rental agreement AFTER they accept your money for a credit application and resort to high-pressure strategies to make you feel obligated to cave to their changed terms. We applied for one of their properties and was specifically told that it was a 6 month lease, which is what we were looking for. We were excited when we were told that we were approved, but at the VERY end of a 2 minute long voicemail, she finally mentioned that it would be for a one year lease. When I called her to let her know that her husband, Yasin Latif, had said it was a 6 month lease, she become defensive and said that they “NEVER” go under a one year lease for any of their properties and that her husband made it clear he wasn’t sure when he gave me that information and that he would have to ask her. This is completely untrue, and if he had specified being unsure, I would have made sure to clarify that with Zenia Latif, so as not to waste my own time and money. He goofed, and obviously lied to his wife so he wasn’t in the doghouse with her. Annoying. However, mistakes happen, understandable yet disappointing. I then nicely asked if she would be willing to refund us our credit application fees, since we would have never wasted our time and money if we had known that we couldn’t stay for the length of time they were requiring. She absolutely refused, and even refused to aknowledge that there was any error made on their part. She chalked it up to it being MY mistake, which is very irritating. Clearly her husband is inept, and should not be participating in showing apartments and giving out rental information when he is not even vaguely aware of the terms that are supposedly concrete and never flexible. Dosn’t make sense to me why he wouldn’t know something that she said is a standard requirement, but whatever. I explained that we couldn’t sign a one year lease, and that we would have never wasted $60 on a credit check, not to mention lots of gas and time to travel far to apply for this location, had we known this. She continued to absolutely refuse any kind of fault for their incompetence and wouldn’t make any effort to make this situation right, as she continued to put the blame on me. I would have been happy if she even compromised and refunded half, but she wasn’t even big enough of a person to do that. I feel like this husband and wife team purposely mislead in order to get the cash for the credit checks (which I know cost less than the amount they charge, so there is a small profit to be made) and then try to coerce you into accepting their terms. By the way, she tried to tell me that she already took that ad down and would have to put it back up and call back all the people waiting in line behind us, but the ad was still up online at the time she said this, so obviously this woman is not completely truthful and tends to be a bit underhanded, pushy and deceptive. I don’t know how they are as landlords, but needless to say we declined their offer as this sort of behavior showed us their true colors as human beings and we didn’t entirely trust them after that. Be aware of their strategies, and get any and all terms in writing before you hand them your hard-earned cash so there can be no discrepancies! Oh, and don’t take anything Yasin says as valid, because the man clearly hasn’t a clue… .

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